Despite Democrat’s Desperate Rebranding Effort, They Offer Nothing New

After months of humiliating losses and embarrassing scandals, it seems the badly damaged Democratic Party is trying to rebrand itself now, but to what end?

The party which once represented the working class American, the poor, and those who weren’t treated fairly, has changed so dramatically that they’ve become completely unrecognizable; this has left many feeling completely unspoken for, and drove many more to support President Donald Trump.

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Now, the Democratic Party has abandoned their core beliefs and values, and has shifted so far left that they resemble radical Bolshevik Communism more than anything remotely American, which has alienated a large portion of their constituency and fractured the party into pieces of its former self.

As the Democratic Party morphed into what can best be described as the “American Communist Revolutionary Party,” they abandoned many loyal Democrat voters, and after taking numerous beatings at polls and losses in every recent election, they’re FINALLY starting to realize that they desperately need to change their message if they ever hope to win anything again.

Unfortunately, Democrat “leaders” are still the same old career politicians, wealthy establishment elites, and unlikeable left-wing radicals that have become synonymous with the word “Democrat” over the past eight years, and their attempt to rebrand is going to require a lot more than a half-assed slogan.

Democrats’ new slogan, “A Better Deal: Better Wages, Better Jobs, Better Future” is a hollow one, and it isn’t going to help them win elections if their representatives and leaders aren’t able to resonate with the American people; nor will it help them to excuse the fact that their candidates still have no substance, plans, or message.

While some in the Democratic Party have begun to realize that they do indeed lack a message, and that “Resisting Trump!” doesn’t count as a viable platform to run on, they’re still running the same washed-up, disliked players that lost them the 2016 election.

As long as elitist losers like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Bill de Blasio, and other out-of-touch career politicians are the face and voice of the Democratic Party, they will never succeed, nor will they find success with the fringe-lunatics like Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, and the rest of their unhinged alternatives.

The American people sent a message to both Democrats and Republicans by electing President Trump, and that message is simple: we are sick and tired of establishment elites pretending to care about us, pandering to us, and doing absolutely nothing to help us, as they blatantly serve no-one but themselves and their special interest groups- and both “sides” of the political spectrum would be wise to pay attention.

Donald Trump won largely because of his ability to resonate with the average American, he appealed to the majority of the country in the way that he genuinely cares about everyone, not just a select group of privileged elites, and he routinely proves it.

Democrats will need to do more than talk if they want to win anything anytime soon: it is no longer enough to simply TALK about the middle class, the economy, or the struggles of working Americans, especially coming from someone who has grown wealthy off a career in politics- the American people expect more.

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