How President Trump Has UNCHAINED ICE!

Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, we have been witnessing unprecedented social and political changes in America, and in a sense, things can be broken down into a battle of rational versus irrational, as the forces of law and order fight against the forces of chaos and lawlessness.

Perhaps the most tangible example of this is the continued struggle between our Immigration officers and the sanctuary cities who oppose them at every turn, something that is almost too bizarre for most to comprehend.

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ICE, the federal law enforcement agency which is tasked with arresting and deporting illegal aliens, is being openly challenged and defied by the leaders of these sanctuary cities, and citizens are being caught in the middle of this struggle.

The politicians and “leaders” of these illegal sanctuaries are more concerned with the needs and wants of CRIMINAL migrants than they are with the well being of their own native citizens, and have brazenly defied federal laws in an effort to “resist” President Trump’s policies, something which is putting American citizens in direct danger.

The hard truth is that illegal aliens DO commit more crimes than native citizens or legal immigrants, after all, their very first act as a new “American” is to violate our immigration laws, so how can we expect them to respect ANY of our other laws and rules?

Clearly, these criminal migrants come into our country with a complete lack of respect for our laws, and more often than not, they continue engaging in criminal and deviant behavior once here- in addition to bleeding our welfare system and other social benefit programs dry, they’re far more prone to abusing the system than legal immigrants or indigenous Americans.

In a stark contrast to President Obama’s weak immigration policies, President Trump is allowing ICE and the border patrol to do their jobs, by stopping the flow of illegal aliens, while arresting and deporting those who are already in our country, but left-wing leaders sanctuary cities are fighting them every step of the way.

Thomas Homan, the Director of ICE, has vowed to combat the resistance coming from these left-wing sanctuaries, and as they continue to shield illegal aliens from the law, as well as openly encouraging them to keep migrating illegally, Homan has vowed to direct extra resources and agents to these bastions of liberal insanity.

Like President Trump, Director Homan values law and order, and is determined to keep Americans safe from the swathe of crime which has been unleashed on our country due to the massive influx of illegal alien criminals; needless to say, the left hates him for it.

Regardless of how the left portrays us for our views on immigration, most Trump supporters do not want to see families torn apart, and take no pleasure in that possibility, the focus is more on illegal aliens who commit crimes of violence, drug dealing, rape, theft, and other infractions of our laws.

In the end, the fact that elected officials are openly defying our President and the federal law enforcement agencies that are trying to keep us safe is almost unfathomable, but has become a tangible example of what exactly is going on in America today: the forces of good (law and order, sanity, and decency) are locked in an epic struggle against the forces of evil (lawlessness, chaos, left-wing insanity) and we all must choose a side.

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