Kellyanne Gave Sarah Huckabee This Powerful Advice on Dealing with the Media

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was recently given an amazing opportunity to serve the Trump administration as the White House Press Secretary, a job which only two other women have held before her.

Rather than congratulating Huckabee on her amazing accomplishment, and instead of giving her praise for being a shining example for women everywhere, the “tolerant” left ruthlessly attacked her, using sickening and extremely hateful rhetoric and vitriolic mockery to try and break her down.

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This disgusting treatment is similar to what Kellyanne Conway, who is President Trump’s current councilor and former campaign manager, has endured from the militant left.

Both women have faced the brutal, soulless venom of the left, which includes relentless mockery of their appearance, weight, voice, and mannerisms.

Both Sanders and Huckabee have also been the subject of vile portrayals in the liberal entertainment industry, having been targets of washed up, D-List, late night talk show “comedians” and larger programs such as “Saturday Night Live.”

Kellyanne, who has seen some of the worst liberal intolerance imaginable, had some positive and encouraging words for Huckabee, reminding her to focus on her young family, and to use her time with them to keep her grounded and help her deal with the vicious attacks from the left-wing media.

Huckabee Sanders is the first mother to serve as White House Press Secretary, and Kellyanne made sure to urge her to use the happiness from her close-knit family to keep her strong and positive, something which will make all the difference in dealing with the brutality of the left.

Ironically, the left champions itself as the party of women’s rights, and spends a good deal of its time trying to portray Republicans and conservatives as repressive and sexist toward women.

However, in reality, progressive liberals do not see anything wrong with abusing conservative women, as they frequently say that female conservatives “deserve” the hurtful and evil things which are said to and about them.

Although the left claims to care about women’s rights, and goes to great lengths to appear genuine in that regard, one look at their loathsome treatment of conservative women in politics is enough to tell you that, like everything liberals say, it’s an outright lie.


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