What Robert Mueller’s “Witch Hunt” is REALLY All About

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election and became the 45th President of the United States, the “power behind the throne” has been hell-bent to somehow rid themselves of this uncontrollable outsider who rose to become the most powerful man in the world.

To establishment elites, President Trump represents many things, most importantly being the fact that they lost power over the American people, those of us who they view as serfs who exist to blindly obey and serve them, and who they were too arrogant to realize had slowly started waking up.

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For far too long, a special class of elite career politicians, born into prominent families and destined to rule over us like feudal lords, have bled us dry, used us as their tools, and grown wealthy while living lavish lifestyles off our hard work- their mistake was that they became too comfortable and didn’t bother hiding this, and people began to realize just what was going on.

Enter Donald Trump, who came into the political arena as an outsider, a man of the people, and a fresh choice in contrast to stale and feckless elites; rather than a choice between another Bush or a Clinton, suddenly, there was a chance for someone who actually cared about the working man, was in touch with the struggles of the modern American, and actually cared about the livelihood of the people.

Of course, President Trump terrifies and angers these ruling elites, and since his inauguration, they have been working overtime to discredit, undermine, and oust him.

After a number of failed tactics, the establishment elites, both Democrats and Republicans, have relentlessly pushed an unbelievable “Russian collusion” narrative, and despite the fact that the American people do not care about any of it, they are determined to use this manufactured falsehood to somehow remove our president and regain the control of America which they have lost.

Having appointed Deep State stooge Robert Mueller to head a “Special Counsel” and investigate these bogus Russia-related claims, the elites are trying to legitimize their ridiculous claims, in a desperate attempt to sway the American people into believing that the President they fought so hard for is actually a Kremlin puppet.

However, in typical arrogant elitist fashion, they didn’t bother hiding their blatantly corrupt and biased agenda: Robert Mueller and his team are tied in multiple ways to the establishment, and the very fact that this investigation is ongoing is an affront to the American people- it is also extremely dangerous, as Americans are known for not taking kindly to ruling elites who usurp their country and trample on their freedom.

For starters, Robert Mueller is a lifelong friend of the disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, who is himself a well known toady and sycophant to the establishment elites and an operative of their “Deep State” shadow government; Mueller also had the audacity to apply (under President Trump) for Comey’s former position as FBI Director, and when that didn’t work out, he took the appointment to the “Special Counsel” witch hunt.

Additionally, Mueller has stacked the deck without even trying to hide his agenda, and added a team filled with Democrat lawyers- as many as seven of the fifteen lawyers he’s added to his team of headhunters are proven to have donated to Hillary Clinton, and all have tangible ties to the establishment.

The simple fact is that the ruling class absolutely refuses to accept the fact that the American people have retaken their country, and we refuse to be lorded over like peasants; unfortunately, they are so arrogant and filled with spite for us, they will not stand down, and are steadily driving the country towards a potentially catastrophic series of events.

Those who fancy themselves our superiors and wish to rule us like kings should do themselves a favor and read up on American history, specifically how our country was founded, and why.

Regardless of what the establishment elites think, Americans have not lost our fighting spirit, and will not stand by as these entitled crooks and con artists try to force us back under their heel.



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