This is What the Latest White House Shake Up Means

With the recent resignation of Sean Spicer, along with the continued drama between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s becoming clear to anyone watching that something is going on the White House, but most people aren’t sure exactly what that something is.

Other recent events, which were less talked about, work to shed some light on what is going on in the Trump administration, and why President Trump is indeed doing the right thing under the circumstances.

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The hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, who was appointed on Friday to be the White House communications director, Scaramucci’s immediate firing of suspected White House leaker Michael Short, as well as the promotion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, are all indicative of President Trump’s desire to bring in “outsiders” who aren’t deeply embedded with establishment elites, and that is extremely telling.

The fact is, Scaramucci and Huckabee are outsiders, like President Trump, whereas the recently-resigned Spicer, the leaker Michael Short, and the soon-to-be dismissed Jeff Sessions are political insiders; these people are more tied to the establishment elites than they are concerned with Trump’s “America First” agenda, and he’s right to get them out of his circle.

Take Michael Short and Sean Spicer, both have direct ties to Reince Priebus, who is the very embodiment of entitled, elitist, establishment politics: they were his cronies, and they clearly disagreed with President Trump.

Short, who was fired by Scaramucci, had previously quit the Trump campaign, but later came back (much to the anger of loyal Trump administration workers) to work directly under Reince Priebus, and Sean Spicer was implicitly in Reince’s corner as well- there is no doubt that President Trump realized these two did not have his or the country’s best interests in mind, and they needed to go before they caused any more damage.

Sessions is also problematic as well, because he’s had an extremely long career as a politician, and is unquestionably linked to the very same establishment elites that drove us to elect an outsider like Donald Trump.

As the US Attorney General, Sessions should have never recused himself in the Russian investigation, which only served to show weakness to the forces who are determined to destroy President Trump; his refusal to go after criminal politicians like Hillary Clinton, Lynch, and the rest of “the club” was likely the last straw for Trump, and showed him all he needed to see.

As it is, President Trump did his best to work WITH the political establishment elite, and though he extended his hand to them in order to work together, they refused to take it.

The elites are not interested in working with an outsider, and they are furious that the American people are trying to regain control of our country and our lives; they truly believe themselves to be our superiors, and have the audacity to feel ENTITLED to rule over us as if they were royalty.

Yes, the recent shakeups in the Trump White House don’t look good at first glance, but they are absolutely necessary for the advancement of our cause- we will never be able to Make America Great Again if our president is surrounded and stifled by “swamp creatures.”

As the old saying goes, “Clean up your own backyard before your neighbor’s,” and that is exactly what President Trump is doing: in his efforts to “drain the swamp” which Washington D.C. has become, he knows he needs to start with the GOP “Republican” establishment first, before going after the Democrats, and that is most certainly the right thing to do.

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