Why Hometown Hero Kid Rock May Be For Real

Never before in modern America have we born witness to such a unique change in our political spectrum, and we are indeed watching history be made on a scale that most of us are barely able to comprehend.

We are witnessing the fall of a dynasty of elite political insiders, who are unable to compete with the allure of a new breed of politician: the “everyman” celebrity.

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With the rise of the internet and especially social media, average American citizens have gained unprecedented access to information, and have been able to educate themselves (and be educated unwillingly by others) like never before.

As more and more working class citizens watched the brazen and blatant examples of political waste and corruption piling up, they became angry, and gradually came to accept that the majority of our politicians and representatives did not care about them, and were only out to help themselves and their exclusive “club” of insiders.

This awakening of the people did not bode well for the establishment, who had grown wealthy and lived in opulence for decades off the backs of hardworking Americans who had struggled to scrape by.

Having become thoroughly disgusted and completely fed up with the arrogant and feckless career politicians of DC, Americans began looking for an outsider who truly cared about them, and who had the best their best interests at heart, rather than the interests of other political elites.

This created the opening for one very special man; a man who had no history as a politician, but did possess a fiery love for his country and its people, especially the working class, and who was able to communicate with them like no other candidate had ever been able to. That man was Donald J. Trump.

When Trump threw his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy, Americans were overjoyed. To so many, he was exactly who they’d been looking for, and he immediately rose above the rest of the candidates and never stopped.

Trump was a man who could not be bought, had no long history as a political insider, and had always resonated with the working class American, and so the country fought harder than ever before until we had made him our president.

Had the establishment elites been smarter, or less arrogant, they would have seen the writing on the walls, and perhaps changed their tune a bit, but they did not.

Instead of honoring the will of the people, they have fought against the president we chose, all while continuing their inept operating procedures and living their entitled and luxurious lifestyles, which they were unwilling to give up.

Though the “ruling class” should have seen this coming, they did not, and their continued behavior further showcased the fact that they are not interested in listening to the average American; but now the people have realized that we can replace all of them, which is exactly what is happening before our very eyes.

Kid Rock, popular musician who rose to prominence in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, has always been a man of the people as well.

Rock, who’s real name is Robert Ritchie, has a long history of staying true to his roots and loyalty to his friends, and embodies the definition of “home town hero,” something that strongly resonates with the majority of the country.

Like President Trump, Kid Rock is rough around the edges, and doesn’t mince words or hold back when it comes to speaking his mind, and he’s loved for it.

Recently, Rock has announced his candidacy for a Senate run in his home state of Michigan, running against a lame-duck and largely ineffective Democrat incumbent, Debbie Stabenow.

He’s already up at least 4 points on Stabenow in a mockup election, and has caused the Democrats a good bit of fear as they realize that political outsiders are far more popular with the public now than ever before.

Kid Rock is not the only celebrity who’s considering a career in politics. The rise of President Donald Trump has paved the way for other outsiders to take the place of the establishment elites, and it is a good thing.

Who’s to say that any of these candidates couldn’t or wouldn’t do a better job than the political establishment has done? At least they seem to care more about the lives of every day people than the ruling elites do, and in doing so, must hold themselves to their word, unlike the career politicians of DC, who have become expected to lie and fail to accomplish what we want.

The establishment elites have been given a “pass” by American voters, because we have grown so accustomed to their lying, cheating, pandering, and ineptitude, that we let them get away with it for generations.

In contrast, this new batch of potential politicians, regardless of where they fall on the left/right spectrum, know that much more is expected of them, and will undoubtedly try to do more for America than the DC “fat cats” and insiders ever did.

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