How Big Government Bureaucracy Killed Charlie Gard

Recently, a young British couple and their infant son were catapulted into the news, and their tragic set of circumstances have brought to light some very serious issues.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates’ young son, Charlie, have suffered an immense amount of fear, stress, courtroom battles, and public attention, and have been unwillingly forced to become a symbol of a fight between private individuals and the state.

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Throughout everything, Charlie’s parents have endured massive amounts of pain and been faced with things no parent should ever have to experience, and now, although Charlie’s battle is over, their struggle continues.

Charlie Gard came into the world on August 4, 2016, and was born with a very rare genetic condition, known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, an affliction which causes brain and muscle damage, and has no cure.

In a sense, Charlie never even had a chance, but that didn’t stop his parents from fighting nonstop to find one for him.

Despite being diagnosed with a certain death sentence at only three months old, Charlie was a fighter, and so were his determined and loving parents, who sought any help they could to save their son’s life.

Initially, both Charlie’s parents and doctors agreed to try a new, experimental type of treatment, but unfortunately that treatment did not work.
Although the doctors tried, Charlie did not respond to the treatment, and it caused him to suffer seizures, which lead to more brain damage.

Over the next two months, the doctors gave up hope, and decided to withdraw their treatment of the child, telling his grief stricken parents that it was better if they removed him from life support and allowed him to die.

Charlie’s parents were not ready to give up hope, and they continued to seek other medical professionals to help their son in any way they could find, no matter how slim his chances were.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates decided to try and bring Charlie to America, to seek treatment there, and in doing so, found themselves at the center of a series of painful legal battles with the court system, who argued that they had the final say in what Charlie’s parents could and couldn’t do for him.

The courts took the stance that they were acting in the best interest of Charlie, claimed that he would be exposed to pain and suffering if his parents allowed him to receive further treatment, and fought alongside the medical staff to essentially force Charlie’s family to let him die.

Charlie’s parents used a crowdfunding program to seek funding to travel to America and get Charlie the experimental treatment, and managed to allocate over $1 million dollars, but it did not help, because the courts ruled that they could not travel with their son.

Many high-profile people reached out and offered to assist, including Pope Francis and President Donald Trump, who granted citizenship to Charlie and his parents, but still the courts did not budge.

An American doctor, Michio Hirano, a neurology specialist of Columbia University, traveled overseas to help evaluate Charlie, and to see if he could help the child.

Judges agreed to allow Hirano to evaluate Charlie, and entertained the possibility, based on Hirano’s evaluation, of possibly allowing further treatment.

Sadly, it became apparent that Charlie would not be able to improve, and that no treatment would save him.

His heartbroken parents resigned themselves to watching their only child die in his infancy, and wished to allow Charlie to die peacefully in his home with his family.

The bureaucratic red tape and meddling wasn’t finished, however, and the courts and doctors continued to drag the poor family through even more legal proceedings, as they argued that Charlie should die in a hospital or hospice.

By that time, Charlie’s parents didn’t have much fight left in them, and the child was moved to a hospice facility, where life support was withdrawn.
On July 28th, 2017, not even one year after his birth, Charlie died.

This case, as tragic as it is, is a very important one.

Many have criticized both ends of the political spectrum which have been involved, chastising advocates for both “sides” and media as well for “politicizing” the unfortunate situation.

Those critics may be correct, but the unfortunate case of the Gard family must be talked about, because it is a painful example of the parents vs. big government.

As the effects of globalism creep ever deeper into the Western world, cases like what happened to poor Charlie become more important than ever before.

Charlie Gard was never going to live a normal life, and he was doomed to die from birth, which is a harsh truth.

There was no way to save him, but that decision should have belonged to his parents; not doctors, not a court, and the fact that the family was subjugated to lengthy and painful legal battles over the right to seek every possible way to help their son is shameful and disturbing.

Even worse, his poor parents couldn’t even choose to let Charlie die in their own home, a cold and cruel decision on the part of those who hold the power.

Throughout the West, over the past several years, we have seen the government and the courts embroiled in battle against the individual citizen, specifically parents.

Whether it is the issue of home schooling, medical care, or anything else, the government has increasingly stepped in and edged parents out of the equation: this coincides directly with one of the goals of globalism, the breakdown of the “nuclear family” model in the West.

As the government grows bigger and more callous, the rights of the citizen are diminished to the point of subservience, leaving us without a choice and without a voice.

If we, the average working class citizens, ever wish to regain control of our lives, we must ensure that the government does not get too big, too powerful, and become too dominant.

What happened in the Charlie Gard case was an abuse of the system, and a glaring example as to the dangers of both socialized medicine and big government.

Do not think the government will ever stop there, as long as they’re allowed, they will continue to dictate every aspect of our daily lives, from what we can eat and drink, right down to the very fates of our children.

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