After Being Vilified By Obama, Trump Is Restoring Faith in the Police

Most people in America remember growing up and seeing the way police officers in this country were respected and admired.

They were seen as the true heroes they are, and people looked up to them.

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Unfortunately, over the past few decades, things have made a drastic change.

Now, our men and women who wear the badge are treated as absolute scum by the media and Hollywood, and it’s had horrible consequences.

Comparing the past few generations of American culture, the public perception of our police force changed completely in just a few decades.

Somehow, we went from Andy Griffith and Deputy Barney, who were loved and admired, to a twisted and perverse outlook on the officers who have sworn to protect us.

Now, police are portrayed to be villains, labeled as racists, and made to look as though they are blood thirsty killing machines; this is just not right.

Many Americans have noticed this, and have been left wondering exactly what happened to bring about such a change.
The truth is, it didn’t happen over night.

The left gradually used the mainstream media, Hollywood, and popular music to create an anti-authority atmosphere among the youth, especially urban youth.

By relentlessly painting cops to be “bad guys” in popular movies, television shows, video games, and music, the left has managed to convince younger generations that police are indeed their enemies.

The mainstream media helped, too, by focusing their excessive coverage on every instance of police shooting or case of excessive force.

When a cop has to use violence in defense of themselves or others, the media immediately jumps on the story and runs it into the ground, 24/7, without stopping.

This has helped to promote the idea that “police are bad” and has ruined the lives and careers of several officers recently.

Of course, Obama himself bears a large part of the blame, having spent eight years stoking the flames of racism and anti-police sentiment.

Obama was openly disdainful towards the police in America, and publicly chastised and criticized them every chance he got.
At times, it seemed as if he waited with baited breath for the next police shooting to happen, and had his speech pre-written and memorized.

Noticeably, the only time Obama ever cared about a police shooting was when it involved a black individual who was shot by police, playing right into his race baiting agenda.

By playing identity politics so frequently and blatantly, Obama did more to hurt the public perception of police officers in eight years than Hollywood and the lying media ever managed to do in decades.

All of this paved the way for the Black Lives Matter movement, BLM for short, who quickly went from an activist group to an unruly and violent mob in a very short time period.

BLM began as a protest group, and initially was non violent, but that changed quickly, and before long, riots and looting were the norm at any BLM rally.

Cities were burned, people were beaten and assaulted, stores were looted, and things somehow managed to go from bad to worse.

Suddenly, a sickening new trend emerged, and that was the intentional targeting and assassination of police officers.
These murders rocked Dallas, Baton Rouge, and many other cities across America, eventually coming to define the summer of 2016.

Unfortunately, the violence didn’t stop there.

Even within the past few weeks, our police officers are still being targeted for assassination by criminals and thugs.
The latest high profile police murder was a NYPD policewoman, who was shot execution style while minding her on business and sitting in her cruiser.

Thankfully, things are starting to change under President Trump.

Now we have a leader who respects and honors the men and women who serve and protect us, and he’s doing his best to make sure that our police officers get the treatment they deserve.

Anyone who has ever been involved in law enforcement in any capacity knows that it requires a tremendous amount of courage.
The men and women who wear the badge wake up knowing every day could be their last, and they will not hesitate to lay down their lives to protect a stranger.

The commitment these officers have to keeping their communities safe is nothing short of heroic, and they deserve the respect and basic human dignity they once had.

As we move forward in our quest to Make America Great Again, it is imperative that we must make sure to bring back the honor and glory that our brave police officers once felt, we need to do right by them again.

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