General Kelly Takes Charge!

On Monday, a new White House chief of staff was sworn in, and he’s a man who comes to the job already holding a high degree of respect and integrity, retired General John F. Kelly.

President Trump’s new pick for this job has a long and decorated military background, and has spent decades serving America.

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General Kelly has stepped into a tough role, but it’s a position he’ll no doubt bring a level of excellence and professionalism to, and will continue serving the country he loves.

General Kelly, who is a retired four-star General of the United States Marine Corps, is no stranger to discipline.

Having served four decades in the military, and seen combat, there is no doubt that Kelly is tough enough to help our president sort out the internal fighting and the problem with White House leaks.

Kelly has also had a brief stint as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, a job which has surely helped him transition into the new political arena he now finds himself in.

General Kelly impressed many during his time with the Homeland Security, and has grown close with President Trump in recent months.

A strong supporter of Trump’s common sense travel ban, which limits the ability of individuals from certain areas which are tied to terrorism from entering the United States, Kelly has proven himself to be both loyal and likable.

He is said to be on very good terms with Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, and has even impressed some vocal Trump critics, like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, proving himself to be a very valuable asset to the Trump administration.

Kelly already has a great reputation among conservatives, especially after his tenure at Homeland Security.

While serving as secretary, numbers of illegal aliens attempting to cross into America dropped dramatically, and ICE was allowed to be far more aggressive in apprehending and deporting illegals who were already here.

Kelly was loud and clear in his support for President Trump’s border wall, as well, and also talked in detail about the need for hiring more border patrol agents.

General Kelly has also show a remarkable level of personal strength, especially when he publicly endured an incredibly painful tragedy as a parent.
In 2010, Kelly’s son Robert, who was a First Lieutenant in the Marines, was killed in combat in Afghanistan.

This tragic loss has undoubtedly shaped General Kelly, and he didn’t let it beat him or cause him to falter.

Given the General’s lengthy list of accomplishments, and the praise he has received from so many already, it certainly looks as if President Trump made a good choice in appointing him to the task.

The White House has recently been rocked by leakers, something that Kelly will certainly be able to stop, and at the same time, bring a sense of military discipline to the picture.

President Trump is known to surround himself with winners, and quickly removes those who he sees as ineffective.

In light of the recent removal of both Reince Priebus, who Kelly is replacing, and Anthony Scaramucci, there is no doubt that Trump is holding his staff to an extremely high standard; one which General Kelly is sure to meet.

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