President Trump Honors a True American Hero

Recently, President Trump bestowed the highest and most prestigious military honor to a very deserving soldier, 48 years after his heroic deeds in battle.

James McCloughan, an Army Specialist who served in the Vietnam conflict, was finally given the honor he deserved so much after his remarkable display of courage during an extremely harrowing battlefield experience.

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For two full days, on May 13-15, 1969, McCloughan saw the horrors of war up close and personal, while battling the enemy in close quarters combat near Don Que, in Vietnam.

McCloughan, who served as a medic, was badly wounded by enemy shrapnel, but never let it slow him down.

Despite his wounds, he continued to treat his fellow wounded soldiers, saving at least 10 American lives that day.

When given the option to be evacuated from battle, due to his own wounds, McCloughan refused, stating “I would have rather died on the battlefield than know that men died because they did not have a medic.”

This sort of courage and determination is what separates men like McCloughan from the rest, and it is exactly why he deserved our country’s highest honor.

Jim McCloughan did not stop there, either.

When a supply drop was ordered, he volunteered to hold a signal to guide the helicopter in; a feat which put himself in an extreme amount of danger, yet he never hesitated.

McCloughan himself had gone nearly two days without food, water, or sleep, and he knew that his comrades in arms desperately needed help, so he selflessly put himself in harm’s way to come to their aid.

“He would not yield, he would not rest, he would not stop and he would not flinch in the face of sure death and definite danger,” President Trump said, clearly moved by McCloughan’s bravery and determination, adding, “It was as if the strength and pride of our whole nation was beating inside Jim’s heart.”

During the battle, Jim McCloughan prayed to God, asking to be safely lead out of the perilous situation so that he could tell his dad that he loved him. As he prayed, he felt a sense of peace and calmness come over him, and was filled with the determination and courage to endure.

When he made it back home, McCloughan did indeed tell his dad that he loved him.

For those two harrowing days, Jim McCloughan and 32 other men held their own against more than 2,000 enemy troops, a remarkable feat in itself.

The fact that Jim fought so bravely through his own wounds, saving 10 lives and assisting dozens more, all while wounded, tired, and hungry, is also amazing.

But when Jim refused to be evacuated to safety, and instead chose to remain with his brothers in the battlefield, that is the true definition of a hero.

There is no denying that Jim McCloughan deserved the Medal of Honor, he earned it 48 years ago. Thankfully, we now have a leader like President Trump, who has so much admiration and respect for our servicemen and veterans, who is determined to give them the honors they deserved.


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