Al Gore Shares Ridiculous Reason Why He Wants Trump Voted Out in 2020

Al Gore argued that the U.S. should replace President Trump in 2020 just so they U.S. can stay in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Of course, Gore does not mention he’s heavily invested in businesses that will benefit from an administration that is subservient to his climate cult agenda.

From TheHill

Former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore on Saturday suggested the U.S. could remain in the Paris Climate Agreement if there’s a new president in 2020.

“If there is a new president … a new president could simply give 30 days notice, and the United States is back in the agreement,” he told an audience at COP23, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany.

President Trump announced in June he would withdraw the U.S. from the international accord setting standards for dealing with greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the agreement, signatories cannot withdraw until Nov. 4, 2019, and the exit would not be official until the following year.

“The first date upon which the United States could actually leave the Paris Agreement happens to be the first day after the next presidential election in 2020, so that’s good news,” Gore said during his opening remarks at a climate finance panel at the U.S. Climate Action Center.

He interrupted his thought with a brief pause. “Excuse me a moment,” he said as he quickly bowed his head and folded his hands in prayer.

“That was not a partisan comment there. You can’t quote me on that,” he joked.

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