Patton: Unlike Clinton/Weinstein, Misconduct Claims Against Trump are Baseless


In a passionately written Facebook post, longtime family loyalist and Trump Admin Executive Lynne Patton who produced the viral video “The Trump Family I Know” during the 2016 campaign and spoke at the RNC convention, defends President Trump against those who portray the sexual misconduct claims against him as legitimate.

From Lynne Patton’s Facebook Page 

Let me begin by saying that ALL sexual assault victims should be lauded for their courage to come forward & deserve to be addressed with a bipartisan posture & disposition.

To that end, I’m only sharing this post because of the uninformed comments that keep appearing in my social media feeds or in response to my personal posts or tweets. Otherwise, I would not even feel compelled to clarify any of this, nor defend a man from allegations against which he can easily defend himself.

With that said:

ALL of the allegations against my boss have either been debunked by criminal/civil investigators or personally withdrawn by the accusers themselves. It’s truly apples & oranges. We’re talking cases with hard evidence & admission (Weinstein, Rose, Lauer, Conyers, Franken, Louis CK, Bill Clinton, etc) versus allegations with no evidence & dismissed cases (Trump).

I know everyone wants to keep making the comparison or claim that Trump even settled with some of these women, which is 100% false. The ONLY case he settled was actually with a woman (Jill Harth – see below) who accused him of sexual assault in the 90’s, but actually SUED him for backing out of a subsequent business deal that she claimed to have with Trump (her alleged assaulter) post-assault and THAT’S the case he settled. It had nothing to do with her sexual assault claim. Even Wikipedia got that one right.

And yes, I get the fact that he’s now the President of the United States (albeit not when these claims occurred) but you still need something called FACTS. And please don’t even TRY bringing up that sickening allegation regarding the 13 or 14-year-old child via Jeffrey Epstein – even SNOPES debunked that one & confirms its subsequent dismissal.  Sad!

Anyway, hopefully a responsible journalist will one day take it upon themselves to release a “case by case” recap of each allegation against Trump & its subsequent disposition to set the record straight in light of this current climate.

Of course, the irony of ironies is that both of the “alleged” NBC leakers of the infamous Access Hollywood tape — that arguably started this whole snowball effect in the first place — were both fired this month due to corroborated evidence that they ACTUALLY engaged in the very behavior they both accused Trump of VERBALLY engaging in himself: Zimmerman & Lauer.

The lesson learned?

Be careful what you wish for — and maybe toss in something about karma and glass houses too.

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