Juan Williams Endorses Oprah for President

Democrats have not given up on their fantasy of Oprah for President.

Fox News’ Juan Williams has now written an Op-Ed piece in “The Hill” explaining why he thinks Oprah would be the left’s best bet to dethrone Trump.

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Juan Williams Writes in TheHill

I know Oprah Winfrey. So I can say it: President Trump, sir, you are no Oprah.

Trump said last week he’d beat Winfrey in the 2020 presidential race. And he dismissed the burst of talk about her possible 2020 candidacy with a belittling comment: “Oprah will be a lot of fun.”

Of course, that opened the door for a poll. Winfrey beat Trump by 10 percentage points, 48-38, according to Rasmussen.

Even with the polling, my initial reaction to the ‘Oprah for President’ excitement was skepticism. After the disastrous first year of the Trump presidency, and his historic low standing in the polls, I thought Americans would have a new thirst for stable, experienced leadership.

American voters also have a habit of picking a president who is the opposite of the incumbent. So why trust another TV celebrity as commander-in-chief?

But all the polling indicates that people still want an outsider — someone to shake up Washington. They remain fed up with the polarized, do-nothing Congress, the chaos in the White House and the partisan media. That means policy background and political experience are not necessary.

By that logic, our presidential elections will necessarily shift to contests among high-profile political outsiders focused on character, intelligence and integrity.

If that is the new norm for presidential politics, then Oprah is the greatest threat to Trump’s reelection other than the president himself.

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