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LOL: Unhinged Van Jones BEGS Oprah to ‘Save America’

The left is jumping off the cliff of mental stability by the droves.

The latest progressive to take the plunge is CNN’s Van Jones, who is now BEGGING former talk show host Oprah Winfrey to “Save America.”

From Daily Wire

Uber liberal Van Jones — who once called allegations of collusion between Trump administration officials and Russia during the 2016 presidential election a “big nothingburger” — is really losing it.

Jones has a new show on CNN (where else?) and on Sunday he had talk show icon and potential 2020 presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey on.

“We miss you so much! Do you miss us?” Jones gushed. In a weird rant, he grouped Oprah with the Obamas, whining now that Donald Trump is in the White House, America has no “hope.”

“We had you. We had the Obamas in the White House. Even on a bad day, you had a North Star. You had some hope. And then it was like the universe looked just said, psych! And threw us in the toilet and closed the lid and now we’re just stuck in this crazy situation, swirling,” he said.

Oprah, seemingly not wanting to get drawn into the mess, said sagely, “We have each other.” And she advised just calming down.

“I have to just say everybody is feeding yourself on the hysteria and negativity. You got to stay in the light,” said Winfrey, who then plugged her new Disney movie, “A Wrinkle In Time,” which has been panned by critics.

“One of the reasons why I was so excited is about a Wrinkle in Time because the message is that the darkness is spreading so fast these days. You must become a warrior of the light. The reason that’s so meaningful to me because that’s how I led my whole life, and every moment in that film, I thought, like, I’m just saying what I normally say.”

But Oprah then went on her own rant.

“So if you put the focus on, look at what happened with the darkness that showed up in Parkland and the darkness that showed up on the streets of Ferguson and the darkness in many, many, many, many, many, many homes in Chicago with shootings and senseless murders … do not give your energy to the other side. Do not spend all your time talking about your opponents. Do not give your energy to that which you really don’t believe in.”

Jones couldn’t help himself. ““But help us, though!” Then, of course, he called those who don’t think exactly like him “Nazis.”

“I go out there and I try to tell people, let’s not become what we are fighting. Let’s not be what we’re fighting. They tell me, ‘Shut up, Van, because we got bigots out here, we got Nazis out here, we’re getting bullied, we are tired of going high. We want to go low and kick them in the private parts!’” he moaned.

Oprah, again playing the wise owl, advised Jones to remain a “warrior of light.” “You think you can fight [negativity] head on. You cannot meet it head on and fight it. You have to transcend it,” Winfrey said.

And Oprah says she’ll do just that, vowing in the show, “I am not running for office.”

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