CNN is Running Out of Options – They’re Now Criticizing the FOOD at N. Korea Summit

CNN is trying to find anything to criticize from the highly-successful U.S.-North Korea summit and settled on THE MENU.

Don Lemon, former Obama official Samantha Vinograd, and analyst Jonathan Wachtel discussed the lunch menu in great detail, explaining how Trump was using it to validate dictator Kim Jong Un and how expensive the menu items were.

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From The Daily Wire

“I want to bring it back to the menu for a second,” Vinograd whined. “Typically the White House releases these kinds of details after, for example, the French president comes to the White House or another head of state comes for a state visit. So, by releasing the details of the menu, this is again legitimizing Kim Jong Un and putting him on equal footing with other world leaders.”

Wachtel chimed in, adding that he was thinking about “all the poor North Korean people,” while Lemon read off the list of food on the menu.

After reading the list, Lemon commented that it all sounded “very expensive.”


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