Acosta Tries to Save His Press Credentials by Offering This PATHETIC Explanation for His Childish Behavior

CNN’s most fake, fake news “reporter” is doing a lot of damage control today after he was lambasted for his unprofessional behavior during the United States-North Korea Peace Summit.

The “attention whore” Acosta, who is always desperate to insert himself into every little thing, shouted out inappropriate questions at the rogue North Korea dictator, causing jaws to drop.

Many people suggested his rude behavior was the final straw, and Acosta should lose his press credentials.

Now, Acosta is making the rounds on his low-rated cable network, claiming his decision to yell out random questions was actually a “good thing” because Acosta is somehow helping to “save the world” with his hard-hitting questions.

Ha ha ha.

From Washington Examiner

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CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday defended his decision to shout a question at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un while in Singapore, and said the world would have thought less of the White House press corps if reporters stayed silent.

While in Singapore, Acosta yelled out at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, “Will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?”

“I couldn’t think of anything else to ask North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but whether he’s going to give up his nuclear weapons,” he said Wednesday on CNN.

“There’s a dictator right in front of you who has nuclear weapons. Why on Earth would you not ask that question?” he asked.

“The question I have is, if you play the same video of him walking past us with President Trump, and you turn the sound down, and the reporters covering this trip didn’t ask any questions, what would the rest of the world have said about the White House press corps, if we hadn’t asked any questions of Kim Jong Un when he was right in front of us?” he asked.

“He’s threatened to vaporize parts of the United States. My goodness, I could not have thought of anything else better to ask at that moment than that question.”