Circuit Judge Just DESTROYED Rahm Emanuel’s Dream of a ‘Gun-Free’ Chicago

Finally, a judge has stepped in and stopped the liberal insanity before it could take place.

The gun grabbers were dealt a hard blow by a circuit judge who HALTED a gun confiscation plan in a whirlwind eleventh-hour ruling.

The ruling took place in a suburb of Chicago, called Deerfield, Illinois.

This is likely sad news for Chicago’s anti-gun mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose dreams of MORE gun control in the “deadliest city in America” have been dashed.

From Town Hall

Zero hour was approaching for the law-abiding gun owners of Deerfield, Illinois. The village had banned the ownership of so-called assault weapons, which in reality meant AR-15 rifles and any other firearm that carried a detachable magazine capable of holding ten or more rounds. That’s how Deerfield defined a so-called assault weapon.

On June 13, the anti-gun ordinance passed by the Chicago suburb would have gone into effect. It was essentially a gun ban, and there were no exceptions. It’s either you turn them over, move, or risk facing a $250-$1,000/ day noncompliance fee. Yeah, the AR-15 and other rifles the anti-gun Left finds scary were banned, but it also included scores of handguns. Magazines holding 15 rounds are not uncommon. Luckily, a circuit court judge blocked this law 24 hours from going into effect. And yes, legal challenges were filed against this grossly unconstitutional law (via Vice News):

A judge blocked a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the small town of Deerfield, Illinois, less than 24 hours before it was meant to go into effect.

The decision, handed down Tuesday evening in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois, is a small victory for gun rights groups, who sued the Chicago suburb in April after it became the first municipality to ban assault weapons following the Parkland high school shooting. The Deerfield ordinance was passed unanimously by all six board members on April 2.

Gun groups, including the National Rifle Association of Illinois, requested a temporary restraining order against the ban while the lawsuit proceeded.

It’s not over. A proposed ballot initiative in Oregon would force AR-15 owners to register their rifles with the state, destroy them, or surrender them to the authorities. They would also have the option to transfer them out of the state.  Boulder, Colorado also passed a law banning high capacity magazines and so-called assault weapons within the city limits. The anti-gun Left is waging a war against the Second Amendment and the Constitution. It will be greatly expanded if Democrats win the 2018 midterms, so don’t forget to vote.

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