Julia Roberts Drives Final Nail in Hollywood’s Coffin With Profanity Laced RANT Against Conservatives

Here we go again.

Another unhinged, out-of-touch celebrity goes on a vulgar rant, proving yet again, “loving liberals” are hateful, vile people, who are unable to contain or control their emotions.

This time the crazed lunatic is actress Julia Roberts.

The former “Pretty Woman” has gone to the dark side, and succumbed to her Stage 5 “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and blasted conservatives in a profanity-laced attack.

These types of rants, like the vulgar stunt Robert De Niro pulled at the Tony Awards when he shouted “F*CK TRUMP,” is what will help ensure President Trump’s 2020 victory.

Liberalism is most certainly a mental disorder – and these Hollywood celebs prove it every single day.

Watch the video:

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