MAGA: These Pro-Trump Candidates Just Won BIG LEAGUE in GOP Primaries

Primary Tuesday was a YUGE WIN for MAGA and KAG!

A parade of pro-Trump “America First” candidates won, proving once again, that the fake news media narrative that Trump is disliked by the American people and his party.

They’ve also been pushing the fable that the anti-Trump #Resistance is winning.

More fake news.

  • Shawn Moody wins GOP gubernatorial nomination in Maine.

  • Anti-Trump Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) suffers his first ever loss as Katie Arrington wins the GOP nomination for SC-1 without having to go to a runoff.

  • Victorious pro-Trump candidate Danny Tarkanian addresses supporters after primary win in NV-3.
  • Danny Tarkanian projected to win GOP nomination for NV-3 and will face Democrat Susie Lee in the fall.
  • Adam Laxalt wins GOP gubernatorial nomination in Nevada.

  • Kevin Cramer wins GOP Senate nomination in North Dakota.

  • Corey Stewart in Virginia. He’ll face Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in the general election.


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