NEW POLL: It’s Official! Majority of Americans, Including Democrats, Want Mueller’s Probe to END

The American people are shouting at the top of their lungs that they want the Russia witch-hunt to end.

But Democrats, true to form, ignore what the American people want and dig in even deeper.

Well, this is yet another devastating poll for Dems, maybe worse than any other, because it shows how fed up (normal Democrats) with the witch hunt as well.

No wonder so many are choosing to #WalkAway.

From Washington Examiner

A majority of Americans have fallen into “Russia fatigue,” and want the probe into Moscow’s influence in the 2016 ended, according to a new survey provided to Secrets.

The latest Zogby Analytics online survey found that 52 percent of voters believe that “it is time” for investigator Robert Mueller to wrap up his probe. Some 30 percent do not want it ended.

The poll also found that a third of Democrats also want the investigation ended. The poll analysis said it was “shocking” that 32 percent of Democrats want Mueller to deliver his results.

“Voters might have Russia fatigue,” said the poll analysis. “A majority thinks it’s time to wrap-up Mueller’s Russia probe, and so do a third of Democrats. There might be fear that the Russia probe will undermine Democratic chances in November to take back control of Congress,” it added.

The Zogby Analytics survey delivered some other good news to the White House.

It found that President Trump’s approval rating has rebounded to 46 percent, and that he is winning the support of a majority of union members.

Trump’s supporters remain strong, with 86 percent approving, and he won older voters.

“Among 30- 49-year-olds, his numbers jumped from 43 percent approve and 53 percent disapprove to 48 percent approve and 50 percent disapprove. Voters who were age 50-64 were most likely to approve of the president — 54 percent approve/45 percent disapprove,” added Zogby.

And as Trump has traveled into Middle America to promote GOP candidates and his manufacturing agenda, he has also picked up the support of blue collar workers, found the survey. It said:

“One key area which could help Trump and Republicans in battleground states and in the Rust-belt area of the U.S. during the midterms is the fact that his numbers keep improving with union voters. A majority (53 percent) approve, while 47 percent disapprove.”

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