Dem Congressman Goes BEYOND ‘Toothless Hillbillies’ and Calls Trump Supporters Something TRULY VILE

When will Democrats learn that name-calling is not a “winning” game plan?

It started when Hillary Clinton called all Trump supporters “deplorable,” and has just skyrocketed and gone off the rails from there.

We’ve been called everything in the book, from Nazi’s to racist, smelly hillbillies and garbage.

Now, a Democrat Congressman is calling us “assholes.”

This always backfires, yet they keep at it. It’s almost as if they have no control over their unhinged, angry emotions.

From Daily Caller

Democratic New York congressman Sean Patrick Maloney called Trump supporters “assholes” during a town hall on Wednesday morning.

Maloney, who is running for NY attorney general, and his supporters met up for the third of 30 “running town halls” — a way for the congressman to campaign while still fitting in his morning run.

In a campaign ad released on Tuesday, the congressman compared Trump supporters to home invaders and described himself as being armed with a baseball bat.

Maloney explained the ad to City and State NY during the Wednesday run and used aggressive rhetoric to talk about Trump and his supporters.

“I don’t give a f**k what the Trump fans say. That’s not what this is about,” Maloney said. “This is about speaking from the heart. About a family I’ve built for 25 years that’s in the crosshairs of these assholes. And doing something about it.”

“It feels like the people who are fueled by hate, demagoguery and anger have their s**t together, and those of us who want to talk about love and hope and inclusion have been hiding in the shadows,” he continued. “And it’s time to get out of the shadows and at least defend our ground. But I’d rather even get on offense.”

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