Schumer GUSHES Over Kavanaugh’s Accuser on ‘The View,’ Believes Her Testimony Will Destroy Kavanaugh

Isn’t it interesting that Senator Chuck Schumer just happened to be on ABC’s “The View” the day after Christine Blasey Ford came out, after anonymously accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape and ‘nearly killing her’?

Just more of that “great timing” for liberals, right?

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This is a coordinated collusion. Democrats are meddling in the 2018 SCOTUS nomination process and we can’t stand for this.

Schumer sat on the set of The View and spewed out his lies and liberal talking points and propaganda to millions of Americans, and then lied, claiming Ford’s “accusation” was credible.

It is ANYTHING BUT “credible.”


Monday on ABC’s “The View,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reacted to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations.

Schumer said, “I think the allegations of Professor Ford are extremely credible. She took a lie detector test. She talked about this to her therapist. They were having family counseling in part because of what happened to her, five years ago and told all the details. And third, to come out and say something like this puts you and your family through incredible scrutiny. People throw brick bats at you and everything else. She didn’t do it on a whim. I don’t think she did it for political reasons. She has a great deal of credibility.”

When asked if the nomination should be put on hold, Schumer said, “Yes, yes. You know what, a rush to judgment, trying to rush this through on Thursday is an insult to the women of America and an insult to the majesty of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

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