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President Trump Honors a True American Hero

Recently, President Trump bestowed the highest and most prestigious military honor to a very deserving soldier, 48 years after his heroic deeds in battle.

James McCloughan, an Army Specialist who served in the Vietnam conflict, was finally given the honor he deserved so much after his remarkable display of courage during an extremely harrowing battlefield experience.

For two full days, on May 13-15, 1969, McCloughan saw the horrors of war up close and personal, while battling the enemy in close quarters combat near Don Que, in Vietnam.

McCloughan, who served as a medic, was badly wounded by enemy shrapnel, but never let it slow him down.

Despite his wounds, he continued to treat his fellow wounded soldiers, saving at least 10 American lives that day.

When given the option to be evacuated from battle, due to his own wounds, McCloughan refused, stating “I would have rather died on the battlefield than know that men died because they did not have a medic.”

This sort of courage and determination is what separates men like McCloughan from the rest, and it is exactly why he deserved our country’s highest honor.

Jim McCloughan did not stop there, either.

When a supply drop was ordered, he volunteered to hold a signal to guide the helicopter in; a feat which put himself in an extreme amount of danger, yet he never hesitated.

McCloughan himself had gone nearly two days without food, water, or sleep, and he knew that his comrades in arms desperately needed help, so he selflessly put himself in harm’s way to come to their aid.

“He would not yield, he would not rest, he would not stop and he would not flinch in the face of sure death and definite danger,” President Trump said, clearly moved by McCloughan’s bravery and determination, adding, “It was as if the strength and pride of our whole nation was beating inside Jim’s heart.”

During the battle, Jim McCloughan prayed to God, asking to be safely lead out of the perilous situation so that he could tell his dad that he loved him. As he prayed, he felt a sense of peace and calmness come over him, and was filled with the determination and courage to endure.

When he made it back home, McCloughan did indeed tell his dad that he loved him.

For those two harrowing days, Jim McCloughan and 32 other men held their own against more than 2,000 enemy troops, a remarkable feat in itself.

The fact that Jim fought so bravely through his own wounds, saving 10 lives and assisting dozens more, all while wounded, tired, and hungry, is also amazing.

But when Jim refused to be evacuated to safety, and instead chose to remain with his brothers in the battlefield, that is the true definition of a hero.

There is no denying that Jim McCloughan deserved the Medal of Honor, he earned it 48 years ago. Thankfully, we now have a leader like President Trump, who has so much admiration and respect for our servicemen and veterans, who is determined to give them the honors they deserved.


Unmasking the Deep State Forces Behind the Fake Trump Dossier

By now, whether they realize it or not, almost everyone has heard of Fusion GPS and their libelous and completely false attack on President Trump.

While the company itself may remain obscure, what they were responsible for was heard around the world, and it was unforgivable.

This shady, crooked, opposition research firm was behind the now infamous “Trump dossier” which contained the “golden shower” allegations.

As more information comes to light on this dark and devious firm, it is becoming evident that the push to discredit and destroy President Trump runs much deeper than previously imagined, and has uncovered some alarming ties, both foreign and domestic to the company.

Fusion GPS is run by Glenn Simpson, a Hillary Clinton sycophant and former Wall Street Journal reporter.

The firm specializes in a number of shadowy, shady things, most notably opposition research, and was firmly in the tank for Hillary during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Now, details about Fusion’s attempts to swing the election in Clinton’s favor are coming out, and the company is being linked to Russia as well; strangely enough, the media won’t touch the story.

It turns out that Fusion had previously worked with Russia, and was unleashed on a man named Bill Brower, who was involved sanctions against Russia for human rights violations.

According to Brower, Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who tried to meet with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower, also “hired Glenn Simpson of the firm Fusion GPS to conduct a sear campaign” against him.

To put it simply, Fusion GPS is the nucleus of the entire “Trump/Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, which is totally false.

Not only did they completely fabricate a disgusting lie about our president, which was proven to be absolutely untrue, they also attempted to set up his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Here’s the important part, the mainstream media has completely ignore these facts, but interestingly enough, were extremely close with Fusion, and used their manufactured propaganda and outright lies for months to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

Washington Times, New York Post, and CNN are all reported to have been very close with Fusion GPS, and certainly had no problem running their blatant lies, but now, they’re eerily silent.

In fact, Fusion GPS has been completely glossed over by the media, and it’s not because it’s a boring story, it would actually be a bombshell for them, if they were truly interested in real news, but they’re only interested in pushing narratives that advance their anti-Trump agenda.

It actually appears that these fake news peddlers are protecting Fusion, as they have gone out of their way to keep from mentioning them one time.

The truth of the matter is clearly indicative of collusion, but not on the part of President Trump or his family.

Instead, the real collusion came from Fusion GPS, along with their gaggle of left-wing hacks in the media, and some Russians as well.

This is exactly why we need to drain the swamp, overhaul the lying media, and investigate into Fusion GPS and their ties with the media, Democrats, and Russia.

Turns Out Hollywood Celebs are the BIGGEST Purveyors of FAKE NEWS

Since the inauguration of President Trump, we’ve heard some pretty outlandish claims from the left.

It seems every deranged liberal celebrity, musician, or social justice warrior with a moderate degree of notoriety has come out of the woodwork to besmirch our president.

In the haze of violent threats, open calls for assassination, and other anti-Trump comments, something that often goes over looked is the number of liberals who are claiming that Trump is somehow suffering from a mental disorder of some kind.

A simple Google search is enough to show that this “make Trump look crazy” agenda is not a conspiracy theory, try it for yourself and see.

Just search for “Trump mental disorder” and you’ll see tons of poorly written propaganda from USA Today, AOL, Salon, Forbes, Vanity Fair, and a host of other left-wing rags.

This is a coordinated effort to portray our President as incompetent or unfit to serve, and it’s disgusting.

In May, “Dixie Chicks” singer Natalie Maines, a notorious liberal and well known idiot, said that Trump had a mental illness.

Patton Oswald, a pathetic and wretched little man, said “He won’t get less crazy, you know that.”

“He is a very sick untreated mentally ill 70 yr old man…” said Rosie O’Donnell.

D-List comedian Sarah Silverman stated “The good news is paranoid sociopaths in positions of power always works out great!”

Windbag and wannabe resistance leader Michael Moore also added “As the paranoia now grows at an extreme rate, the sociopath becomes a psychopath and the country – the planet – faces a painful decision…”

When taking their comments into context, it becomes clear that they’re pushing an agenda.

It’s enough to make you wonder, are they actually meeting up somewhere to discuss this?

Do they have conference calls, and sit around organizing and tweaking their narrative?

It wouldn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen the left use the same tactic, so why doubt that now?

The really ironic part is, most of these celebrities are indeed suffering from a host of mental illnesses and instability themselves.

Just looking at their social media pages is enough to prove that most, if not all, of these celebrities are walking case-studies in some psychological disorder or another, and in many cases, multiple and overlapping issues.

Rosie O’Donnell has never exactly been known as a pillar of sanity, but looking at her Twitter page today will show you just how far she’s fallen, she’s now completely obsessed with Trump, and literally spends her every waking moment talking about him online.

Patton Oswald, whose career never really amounted to much anyway, also seems to focus his time badmouthing President Trump nonstop.

Michael Moore has taken it a step beyond the rest, and has essentially devoted his life (which may not be long, given his morbid obesity) to rebelling against President Trump.

Moore seems to have been unable to tell the difference between fact and fantasy, as he as come to fancy himself as something of a revolutionary leader these days.

In fact, it would take a team of psychiatric professionals to figure out everything wrong with this idiot; from his eating disorder to his delusions of grandeur.

There are many more examples, but the point is clear: this is another angle that the left has chosen to play, and while it didn’t take off like the “Russian Collusion” narrative, it was manufactured in just the same way.

It appears that “the powers that be” who are enemies of both President Trump and the people who elected him, decided to throw several things at the wall and see what stuck.

The “Trump is mentally unstable” thing didn’t really stick, but it doesn’t stop them from occasionally revisiting it.

Additionally, in a blatant example of liberal hypocrisy, the left-wing celebrities who all mock Trump and claim he has a “mental disorder” are the same people who feigned outrage when President Trump allegedly (proven false) mocked a reporter for being disabled.

These people are incensed when anyone says something like transgenderism is a mental disorder, or even makes a joke, yet they’re quick to throw around labels and accusations of serious mental illness when it suits their agenda.

Clueless American Leftists Need to See What Socialism Has Done to Venezuela

By now, most people should have heard about the growing crisis in Venezuela, but unfortunately, most haven’t, and there’s a disturbing reason for that.

Unfortunately, it’s not really being covered, and that is because it directly goes against the Socialist agenda that the lying liberal media has been ordered to promote.

As the country slips further into chaos, it has become a textbook example of why far-left policies have never worked, so of course, the media has strict orders not to report on it.

Venezuela was once a thriving country, and the people there were content and able to achieve success and earn a decent living for themselves.

When Marxist Socialist Hugo Chavez became the President of Venezuela, he gradually implemented increasingly left-wing policies, and and maintained a tumultuous relationship with the United States and many other countries.

Under the leadership of Chavez, human rights conditions began slipping, and corruption among government grew rampant.

Although Chavez was a fairly popular leader, who seemed to genuinely care about his people, his left-wing leadership bordered on authoritarianism at best, and the country of Venezuela suffered greatly for it.

Chavez paved the way for what was to come, and what came next was nothing short of a national disaster.

When Hugo Chavez died in 2013, his Vice President, Nicolás Maduro, took over, and after an election, gained control of the country.

Unfortunately for Venezuela, Maduro was far worse than Chavez ever was, and under his leadership, the country was plunged into a state of economic despair.

Maduro has been described as a dictator, and his leadership has also been described as authoritarian in nature.

His radical leftist policies have brought the country to its knees, and crime, poverty, hunger, and riots have become common place.

Maduro, who was hand picked by Chavez to lead if he were unable to do so, has not lived up to the expectations surrounding him.

His Presidency has been marred with criticisms of corruption, ties to drug trafficking, and is widely blamed by Venezuelans as responsible for the decline of the standard of living in the country.

In fact, it has gotten so bad under Maduro’s leadership, there is widespread poverty and hunger on scales that have never before been seen in Venezuela, causing a mass exodus, and illegal immigration, into neighboring countries such as Columbia.

Recently, there have been attempts to legally recall Maduro, which he has strongly opposed.

Now, Maduro is actively seeking to revamp the Venezuelan constitution, in an effort to remain in power.

This is not the behavior of a leader, but a dictator.

The Presidency of Maduro sums up the ineptitude and failure of the left very well.

There is no food, goods, jobs are not available, crime rates have skyrocketed, corruption runs rampant, and still he refuses to listen to the average citizens.

Sadly, this is the future for America that many liberals want, and no matter how many times the left proves itself to be incapable of success, liberals will always fall for it.

The fate of Venezuela mirrors what would have happened in the United States under a Bernie Sanders presidency, yet leftist progressives are insistent that somehow, Socialism in the U.S. is a viable and sensible option.

Inside Trump’s War Against Salvadorian Gang MS-13

During Donald Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 U.S. President election, much of the focus was on the problem of illegal immigration, especially the dangers of gang members from Mexico.

Trump spoke about the massive amounts of crime which were coming from illegal Mexican immigrants, specifically the notorious gang called MS-13.

Now that Trump is President, he’s taking the steps to allow federal immigration officers and all police forces in America to crack down on illegal immigration and gangs, and he’s taking aim at MS-13 by putting them front and center.

MS-13 is widely known as the most violent and feared gang in the Western world, and have used brutal tactics to dominate much of Latin America, and have spent the past decade carving out a strong foothold in the United States.

The gang actually revels in violence, and engages in acts so heinous that normal people could not begin to fathom.

The level of violence and depravity of this particular gang is unlike anything ever seen before from a cartel, and under Obama’s weak leadership, they have thrived and run rampant on U.S. soil.

The gang goes back to the 1980’s, most people agree that it started in California, and was comprised mostly of Central Americans.

According to many founding members, MS-13 was actually started by El Salvadorians in Los Angeles, and was initially not focused on criminal activity, but was instead a way to stick together and defend each other.

Over time, leadership changed, and the gang became involved in crime and violence, which eventually lead them to become the most feared gang on the street.

MS-13 has become a massive problem in the United States, and is responsible for a massive portion of drugs which enter the country. They’re also established in human trafficking, bringing illegal immigrants into America, prostitution and sex trafficking, extortion, robbery, and auto-theft.

Most of all, however, MS-13 is known for their extreme brutality and violence, an area which they eclipse all other gangs.

In the gang world, might makes right, and the most violent and dangerous gangs usually control the most turf, and always demand more respect in general.

MS-13 has cornered the market on gang violence, and have outdone larger gangs for their creative and highly disturbing brand of it.

The gang is known for targeting anyone and everyone who crosses them in the slightest, brutally torturing and murdering them, and then torturing, raping, and murdering their family and friends.

These tactics have been highly effective in catapulting MS-13 into the ranks of much larger, more established gangs and cartels, and they have used their reputation for extreme violence to cement their legacy and keep the competition at bay.

As the gang continued to grow in America, largely under former President Obama’s weak immigration policy and anti-police stance, so did the levels of violent crime and drugs.

Gang related murders have plagued areas MS-13 occupies, especially California, and drugs have flooded our streets and killed our native citizens.

Unlike Obama, however, President Trump has a long history of being vocal about eradicating this gang, going back before his candidacy in the 2016 election race.

Recently, Trump described that massive amounts of crimes that have been perpetrated by MS-13, calling them “animals,“ and calling for 10,000 additional ICE officers to help get these dangerous thugs out of our cities.

Trump has vowed to rid the streets of these brutal and savage criminals, and has encouraged law enforcement to arrest and deport MS-13, and the police are definitely doing their best to accomplish just that.

Recently, Trump has given ICE the green light to arrest and deport illegal aliens, with a special interest in MS-13.

The president has said many times that this gang in particular must be eradicated, and is working towards achieving that goal.

The battle against this deeply embedded foreign criminal enterprise will be a long one, but President Trump is not one to ever give up.

After Being Vilified By Obama, Trump Is Restoring Faith in the Police

Most people in America remember growing up and seeing the way police officers in this country were respected and admired.

They were seen as the true heroes they are, and people looked up to them.

Unfortunately, over the past few decades, things have made a drastic change.

Now, our men and women who wear the badge are treated as absolute scum by the media and Hollywood, and it’s had horrible consequences.

Comparing the past few generations of American culture, the public perception of our police force changed completely in just a few decades.

Somehow, we went from Andy Griffith and Deputy Barney, who were loved and admired, to a twisted and perverse outlook on the officers who have sworn to protect us.

Now, police are portrayed to be villains, labeled as racists, and made to look as though they are blood thirsty killing machines; this is just not right.

Many Americans have noticed this, and have been left wondering exactly what happened to bring about such a change.
The truth is, it didn’t happen over night.

The left gradually used the mainstream media, Hollywood, and popular music to create an anti-authority atmosphere among the youth, especially urban youth.

By relentlessly painting cops to be “bad guys” in popular movies, television shows, video games, and music, the left has managed to convince younger generations that police are indeed their enemies.

The mainstream media helped, too, by focusing their excessive coverage on every instance of police shooting or case of excessive force.

When a cop has to use violence in defense of themselves or others, the media immediately jumps on the story and runs it into the ground, 24/7, without stopping.

This has helped to promote the idea that “police are bad” and has ruined the lives and careers of several officers recently.

Of course, Obama himself bears a large part of the blame, having spent eight years stoking the flames of racism and anti-police sentiment.

Obama was openly disdainful towards the police in America, and publicly chastised and criticized them every chance he got.
At times, it seemed as if he waited with baited breath for the next police shooting to happen, and had his speech pre-written and memorized.

Noticeably, the only time Obama ever cared about a police shooting was when it involved a black individual who was shot by police, playing right into his race baiting agenda.

By playing identity politics so frequently and blatantly, Obama did more to hurt the public perception of police officers in eight years than Hollywood and the lying media ever managed to do in decades.

All of this paved the way for the Black Lives Matter movement, BLM for short, who quickly went from an activist group to an unruly and violent mob in a very short time period.

BLM began as a protest group, and initially was non violent, but that changed quickly, and before long, riots and looting were the norm at any BLM rally.

Cities were burned, people were beaten and assaulted, stores were looted, and things somehow managed to go from bad to worse.

Suddenly, a sickening new trend emerged, and that was the intentional targeting and assassination of police officers.
These murders rocked Dallas, Baton Rouge, and many other cities across America, eventually coming to define the summer of 2016.

Unfortunately, the violence didn’t stop there.

Even within the past few weeks, our police officers are still being targeted for assassination by criminals and thugs.
The latest high profile police murder was a NYPD policewoman, who was shot execution style while minding her on business and sitting in her cruiser.

Thankfully, things are starting to change under President Trump.

Now we have a leader who respects and honors the men and women who serve and protect us, and he’s doing his best to make sure that our police officers get the treatment they deserve.

Anyone who has ever been involved in law enforcement in any capacity knows that it requires a tremendous amount of courage.
The men and women who wear the badge wake up knowing every day could be their last, and they will not hesitate to lay down their lives to protect a stranger.

The commitment these officers have to keeping their communities safe is nothing short of heroic, and they deserve the respect and basic human dignity they once had.

As we move forward in our quest to Make America Great Again, it is imperative that we must make sure to bring back the honor and glory that our brave police officers once felt, we need to do right by them again.

UNHOLY ALLIANCE : North Korea and Iran Forming a New Axis of Evil

North Korea and Iran have both been making headlines lately, and the two rogue nations seem to be doing their best to garner as much negative press as possible, given their current behavior.

On Friday, July 28, North Korea test and launched a long range intercontinental ballistic missile, which landed into the Sea of Japan.

This launch was yet another slap in the face to the rest of the world, who has tried for years to reach an international agreement with North Korea and stop them from developing and launching missiles, but lately, the small and isolated nation has completely disregarded all attempts at negotiations.

Friday’s launch was the second time in a month that North Korea has launched an ICMB, having previously launched another missile on July 4.

North Korea claims these ICMB launches are merely tests designed to advance their space program, and this time, even had a re-entry module equipped, which landed about 600 miles from the launch, near Japan.

United States officials are still trying to determine the capabilities of this new ICBM, but it is widely believed to be able to reach the U.S. mainland, something that has just changed the tone of the recent events in a serious way.

North Korean dictator, the brutal Kim Jong-un, said that Friday’s launch served as a “stern warning” for the United States, and claimed that the entire U.S. mainland was within striking range.

North Korea’s actions have sparked a sea of condemnation from many different countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China, among others.

At this point, it appears that the rest of the world has begun seriously discussing measure which could go far beyond the usual sanctions and other failed attempts to dissuade the rogue nation from escalating violence.

As tensions are ratcheting up with each launch, it does appear at times that the North Korean dictator is intent on starting a war, bringing the fury of the rest of the world to his doorstep.

Just one day prior to the North Korean launch, Iran launched its own ICMB, based off the North Korean design.

According to analysis, the Iranian launch was widely believed to have failed; officials state that they believe is suffered “catastrophic failure” and exploded.

While experts say that North Korea is far more capable than Iran of producing successful ICBMs, Iran has a far more advanced nuclear weapon program, and that in itself should be a clear warning of the possible catastrophe that could occur should these two rogue nations decide to join forces and start a war.

Under former President Obama’s weak leadership and embarrassing foreign policy, Iran was allowed to develop an advanced nuclear program, which is said to be 10 years more advanced than North Korea’s.

The North Korean government, however, has focused more on the actual missile technology itself, and would only need to use Iranian-produced nuclear warheads in tandem with their ICBM armaments in order to wreak massive chaos and destruction on the rest of the world.

World leaders seem more concerned with North Korea than they do with Iran, likely because Iran is more prone to cooperation than Kim Jong-un’s paranoid dictatorship, but Iran has proven to be a devious and dangerous entity itself.

An alliance between North Korea and Iran could spell global warfare, and both nations have laughed off sanctions levied against them in previous years, as well as recently.

The prospect of war is not pleasant, and by all means should be a last resort, but it is something to take into consideration, given the escalation of these two countries in recent months.

Supporters of President Trump are largely against any kind of interventionist International warfare, which was a big reason many backed him, but if we are being directly threatened on the mainland, as is the case with North Korea, there are not many other courses of action to take.

With North Korea brazenly testing dangerous armaments which could quickly become weapons of mass destruction, as well as their pointed and very descriptive threats about striking the United States mainland, they may well force America’s hand.

From a rational standpoint, North Korea has nothing to gain from a war with the United States, as it is a war they cannot hope to win.

With South Korea and China surrounding them, and both nations being fed up with the North Korean behavior over the past decade, they’re not exactly safe, and surely must be aware that the possibility of war does not bode well for them.

Unfortunately, Kim Jong-un is not a rational man, and is widely believed to be insane, so the prospect of bringing down the wrath of the world’s military forces isn’t a guaranteed deterrent.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is the fact that an alliance between North Korea and Iran could result in a deadly partnership, and potentially a nuclear war.

Whether “Songbird” Mccain was a War Hero or Traitor is Up for Debate

After failing the American people once again, this time by casting the vote which killed our hopes of repealing the disastrous ObamaCare policy, John McCain will attempt to hide (as he always does) behind his “war hero” status.

It seems that every time McCain, who is a traitor to the American people, shows his true globalist colors, he’s shielded from his heinous actions by reminding everyone that he spent five years in a North Vietnamese Army prison camp.

Well, the thing is, that excuse really isn’t going to cut it, and while many have held back on their criticism of McCain due to his military “service,” it may be time to take a second look…

John McCain never actually planned on a career in politics, he wanted to be an admiral like his dad.

The only problem was, his less-than-stellar military record would never allow him to rise to such a rank, so he did what any other dirtbag would do; he got into politics and became rich and powerful off the backs of hardworking Americans.

One bit of hidden dirt from McCain’s past stands out above the rest, which is his role in the tragedy abroad the USS Forrestal, which occurred in 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin.

McCain, who was well known among his military peers for being arrogant and reckless, attempted a “wet start” of his jet, while on the deck of the Forrestal, a “show off” maneuver which causes flames to burst from the afterburner of the aircraft.

This stunt belted fire on the rookie pilot who was sitting in his aircraft behind McCain, and either startled him enough to accidentally fire a missile, or activated the heat-sensor in the warhead; regardless, it caused the aircraft to launch a Zuni missile into another group of planes, which in turn dropped their 1,000 pound bombs onto the deck of the Forrestal.

The resulting catastrophe killed 134 American sailors, and also badly maimed, blinded, and burned 161 others, and nearly sank the USS Forrestal in the process.

McCain was quickly evacuated, and unlike any “normal” serviceman, who would have faced court-martial over this incident, was shielded from any reprisal due to his father and grandfather’s high-ranking military positions.

In truth, John McCain probably killed more Americans that day than the number of NVA army he killed in battle, and went completely unpunished for it.

Shortly thereafter, McCain was shot down by NVA ground fire, and was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese Army, where he divulged U.S. military information and made radio broadcasts spew Communist propaganda, earning him the nickname “Songbird.”

John McCain’s time in captivity, and his subsequent aiding of the enemy, is something of a metaphor for his political career as well: he went down in flames, screwed America over, and then cavorted with the enemy.

Upon his return to the United States, McCain was pardoned by President Nixon for his traitorous and shameful actions as a POW, and has lead a life of luxury and privilege as others have suffered, while growing rich during his long career in politics.

How Big Government Bureaucracy Killed Charlie Gard

Recently, a young British couple and their infant son were catapulted into the news, and their tragic set of circumstances have brought to light some very serious issues.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates’ young son, Charlie, have suffered an immense amount of fear, stress, courtroom battles, and public attention, and have been unwillingly forced to become a symbol of a fight between private individuals and the state.

Throughout everything, Charlie’s parents have endured massive amounts of pain and been faced with things no parent should ever have to experience, and now, although Charlie’s battle is over, their struggle continues.

Charlie Gard came into the world on August 4, 2016, and was born with a very rare genetic condition, known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, an affliction which causes brain and muscle damage, and has no cure.

In a sense, Charlie never even had a chance, but that didn’t stop his parents from fighting nonstop to find one for him.

Despite being diagnosed with a certain death sentence at only three months old, Charlie was a fighter, and so were his determined and loving parents, who sought any help they could to save their son’s life.

Initially, both Charlie’s parents and doctors agreed to try a new, experimental type of treatment, but unfortunately that treatment did not work.
Although the doctors tried, Charlie did not respond to the treatment, and it caused him to suffer seizures, which lead to more brain damage.

Over the next two months, the doctors gave up hope, and decided to withdraw their treatment of the child, telling his grief stricken parents that it was better if they removed him from life support and allowed him to die.

Charlie’s parents were not ready to give up hope, and they continued to seek other medical professionals to help their son in any way they could find, no matter how slim his chances were.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates decided to try and bring Charlie to America, to seek treatment there, and in doing so, found themselves at the center of a series of painful legal battles with the court system, who argued that they had the final say in what Charlie’s parents could and couldn’t do for him.

The courts took the stance that they were acting in the best interest of Charlie, claimed that he would be exposed to pain and suffering if his parents allowed him to receive further treatment, and fought alongside the medical staff to essentially force Charlie’s family to let him die.

Charlie’s parents used a crowdfunding program to seek funding to travel to America and get Charlie the experimental treatment, and managed to allocate over $1 million dollars, but it did not help, because the courts ruled that they could not travel with their son.

Many high-profile people reached out and offered to assist, including Pope Francis and President Donald Trump, who granted citizenship to Charlie and his parents, but still the courts did not budge.

An American doctor, Michio Hirano, a neurology specialist of Columbia University, traveled overseas to help evaluate Charlie, and to see if he could help the child.

Judges agreed to allow Hirano to evaluate Charlie, and entertained the possibility, based on Hirano’s evaluation, of possibly allowing further treatment.

Sadly, it became apparent that Charlie would not be able to improve, and that no treatment would save him.

His heartbroken parents resigned themselves to watching their only child die in his infancy, and wished to allow Charlie to die peacefully in his home with his family.

The bureaucratic red tape and meddling wasn’t finished, however, and the courts and doctors continued to drag the poor family through even more legal proceedings, as they argued that Charlie should die in a hospital or hospice.

By that time, Charlie’s parents didn’t have much fight left in them, and the child was moved to a hospice facility, where life support was withdrawn.
On July 28th, 2017, not even one year after his birth, Charlie died.

This case, as tragic as it is, is a very important one.

Many have criticized both ends of the political spectrum which have been involved, chastising advocates for both “sides” and media as well for “politicizing” the unfortunate situation.

Those critics may be correct, but the unfortunate case of the Gard family must be talked about, because it is a painful example of the parents vs. big government.

As the effects of globalism creep ever deeper into the Western world, cases like what happened to poor Charlie become more important than ever before.

Charlie Gard was never going to live a normal life, and he was doomed to die from birth, which is a harsh truth.

There was no way to save him, but that decision should have belonged to his parents; not doctors, not a court, and the fact that the family was subjugated to lengthy and painful legal battles over the right to seek every possible way to help their son is shameful and disturbing.

Even worse, his poor parents couldn’t even choose to let Charlie die in their own home, a cold and cruel decision on the part of those who hold the power.

Throughout the West, over the past several years, we have seen the government and the courts embroiled in battle against the individual citizen, specifically parents.

Whether it is the issue of home schooling, medical care, or anything else, the government has increasingly stepped in and edged parents out of the equation: this coincides directly with one of the goals of globalism, the breakdown of the “nuclear family” model in the West.

As the government grows bigger and more callous, the rights of the citizen are diminished to the point of subservience, leaving us without a choice and without a voice.

If we, the average working class citizens, ever wish to regain control of our lives, we must ensure that the government does not get too big, too powerful, and become too dominant.

What happened in the Charlie Gard case was an abuse of the system, and a glaring example as to the dangers of both socialized medicine and big government.

Do not think the government will ever stop there, as long as they’re allowed, they will continue to dictate every aspect of our daily lives, from what we can eat and drink, right down to the very fates of our children.