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Trump Assassination Threats Keep Pouring In, and the Liberal Media are COMPLICIT

Recently, a popular pastor from Florida, Rodney Howard-Browne, shared an alleged plot (which he claims was told to him by an unnamed congressman) to “take out” President Trump.

Howard-Browne’s claims are a bit outlandish, but if there is any validity to them, it is worth mentioning.

The pastor says he was made privy to this plot, which claimed is to “remove Trump suddenly from office,” and has since been interviewed by the Secret Service, although he has refused to cooperate with them further, telling them he’s not sure who he can trust.

Wild as his story may be, it shouldn’t be ignored, especially considering the fact that since the election results came in, there have been an uncountable number of death threats and calls for assassinating President Trump.

If there is one shred of credibility behind this story, it should be investigated to the fullest.

The violent rhetoric which has been spewed day and night against our president is unlike anything in American history, and is not only disgusting, but highly disturbing.

If anyone has been trying to keep a list of famous people who’ve made death threats against President Trump, it would be a hard enough task, but factoring in the random liberal lunatics into the equation makes it an impossible one.

How many times have we heard a celebrity get on Twitter and call for an assassination attempt on our president?

They do it in person too, it’s gotten so out of hand, and they’re never held accountable for their dangerous comments, that they don’t hesitate to urge the public to commit violence.

The thing is, these people are not just making asinine comments, and they’re not just venting their frustrations; their violent rhetoric HAS gotten people hurt already.

A prime example of that is Steve Scalise, who was shot in a politically motivated shooting by a bloodthirsty liberal. That’s just one instance, how many Trump supporters have been beaten (or worse) simply for wearing a MAGA hat?

This sort of violence has been getting worse and worse, and has been thoroughly encouraged by celebrities, the mainstream media, and even elected Democrat politicians.

Never before in the history of America have we seen something like this, and it’s getting worse by the week.

Perhaps the first really memorable example of celebrities crossing the line was rapper Snoop Dogg and his little thuglette, Bow-Wow, or “Shad Moss” as he now goes by.
Shad made some disgusting comments about RAPING Melania Trump, our First Lady, which went completely unpunished, and his uncle Snoop followed suit with some extremely violent and graphic rhetoric about shooting President Trump.

One instance that really stood above the rest, however, was washed up “comedian” Kathy Griffin, who posed for a sickening photoshoot which would have made ISIS proud.

Griffin went so far as to have professional photographs made of herself holding up a fake severed head, which had been molded in the likeness of President Trump, and was covered in fake blood.

It was so over the top that the Secret Service DID pay her a visit, but of course, nothing was actually done about the incident.

Shortly after Griffin’s grisly photoshoot, wife-beater Johnny Depp decided he’d try to outdo her, and openly called for Trump’s assassination at an awards ceremony in Britain.

Depp tried to be coy, and made a not-so-subtle attempt to reference the assassination of President Lincoln, which did not go unnoticed.

When called out for his classless comment, Depp issued a half-hearted and insincere “apology” which no-one believed for a second.

The list goes on and on, and includes other celebrities like Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, John Cusack, and so many others.

Not one of these people has been held accountable for their violent and unforgivable comments, and the fact that these high-profile individuals have gotten away with their dangerous threats has emboldened the hordes of angry and dejected liberals who worship them.

All of these repeated calls for violence against our President should have the Secret Service on high alert at all times, and they should have already made stern and swift examples of people by now.

Of course, it will be harder to convict a celebrity or politician of a crime than the average citizen, but some of these maniacs have crossed the line so badly that even the most biased judge would have to hand down a punishment.

These calls for violence and assassination cannot continue to go unpunished and unanswered; examples must be made, and law and order must be restored.

Pastor Howard-Browne’s comments may or may not be true, we don’t know that at this point.

Given his hesitation to go into greater detail, there are a number of different conclusions that could be drawn, but when put in context, it should be enough to alarm any Trump supporter.

We chose President Trump because we wanted to take back America from the establishment elites and the radical left, and because we were sick and tired of watching our culture and our values get destroyed in the name of “progressivism.”

If we want to achieve the things we chose President Trump to do, we need to make sure that he stays safe, and as long as the leftwing media and celebrities continue to call for violence against him, that will be hard to do.

Trump Just Kept a Major Campaign Promise and the Media is Ignoring It

During his campaign in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Donald Trump promised the American people that he would not accept his Presidential salary if he was elected, which is $400k annually.

So far, President Trump has received two installments of the first year’s salary, which comes in quarterly installments.

Both times, he has stayed true to his word and donated the money, all in an attempt to help make America great again.

It’s no secret that President Trump is a wealthy man, but unlike most politicians, he didn’t grow rich in politics.

Trump, through hard work and business savvy, earned his wealth the hard way, a fact that most liberals are unwilling to retain.

The left likes to portray Trump as something of a “Scrooge” character; a miser and a cold-hearted penny pincher, although this couldn’t be less true.

In reality, President Trump has always been a very humble and kind hearted man, and has never hesitated to spend huge sums of money to help those in need, including poor people, the military, and people who have suffered terrible tragedies.

He’s used his private jet numerous times to help stranded military personnel and others, and he’s opened the doors of Trump Tower and other properties to those who are down on their luck.

In April of 2017, President Trump donated his first-quarter salary to the National Park Service.

The money, a total of roughly $78K, was given to the Park Service in order to fund their battlefield preservation and restoration programs, which resorts and maintains historical battlegrounds from U.S. wars.

This program was some $230 million dollars behind in costs, and Trump, who values America’s rich history, is very passionate about helping to preserve it.

Of course, the left (and other critics) and other critics were quick to cry foul.

Since they couldn’t criticize Trump for keeping his word, they instead chastised him for not donating to a “more worthy” cause, and listed a host of places they’d have rather seen the money go to.

It seems that nothing our president does is good enough for these people, and at that point, they were clearly just looking for an excuse to complain and attack him.

On Wednesday, July 26th, 2017, President Trump donated his second-quarter salary as well, once again staying true to his word.

This time, he donated his paycheck, which was approximately $100K, to the Education Department, something the left should have a much harder time complaining about.

Trump’s salary will help fund a camp for young students that is focused around learning STEM skills, and will certainly change the lives of many young Americans for the better.

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, helps prepare students for the ever-changing world which they will inherit; a world which in which these core skills are increasingly useful.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos praised President Trump’s donation, calling it a “generous gift” that showcased Trump’s “Commitment to our nation’s student’s and to reforming education in America so that every child, no matter what their ZIP code, has access to a high-quality education.”

There is no doubt that this donation will make such a positive difference in the lives of the students who attend the camp, and will ultimately benefit America.

Despite the litany of unfounded and slanderous attacks and insults President Trump faces from the left and other enemies regularly, he continues to stick to his word, and is determined to help America.

Though detractors of our President use his wealth, which he earned well before a career in politics had ever been considered, as a way to attack him, he remains loyal to the American people and true to the vows he gave them.

If President Trump only cared about money, and was purely motivated by greed, why would he donate the money he’s making?

Assuming Trump spends eight years in the White House, he stands to make a bit over $3 million dollars, which is going to be used to help America.

No one who wasn’t truly committed to fixing and healing our nation would freely give up their pay check to help the rest of us, and by doing so, Trump shows that he’s focused on us, not his own bank account.

Why Hometown Hero Kid Rock May Be For Real

Never before in modern America have we born witness to such a unique change in our political spectrum, and we are indeed watching history be made on a scale that most of us are barely able to comprehend.

We are witnessing the fall of a dynasty of elite political insiders, who are unable to compete with the allure of a new breed of politician: the “everyman” celebrity.

With the rise of the internet and especially social media, average American citizens have gained unprecedented access to information, and have been able to educate themselves (and be educated unwillingly by others) like never before.

As more and more working class citizens watched the brazen and blatant examples of political waste and corruption piling up, they became angry, and gradually came to accept that the majority of our politicians and representatives did not care about them, and were only out to help themselves and their exclusive “club” of insiders.

This awakening of the people did not bode well for the establishment, who had grown wealthy and lived in opulence for decades off the backs of hardworking Americans who had struggled to scrape by.

Having become thoroughly disgusted and completely fed up with the arrogant and feckless career politicians of DC, Americans began looking for an outsider who truly cared about them, and who had the best their best interests at heart, rather than the interests of other political elites.

This created the opening for one very special man; a man who had no history as a politician, but did possess a fiery love for his country and its people, especially the working class, and who was able to communicate with them like no other candidate had ever been able to. That man was Donald J. Trump.

When Trump threw his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy, Americans were overjoyed. To so many, he was exactly who they’d been looking for, and he immediately rose above the rest of the candidates and never stopped.

Trump was a man who could not be bought, had no long history as a political insider, and had always resonated with the working class American, and so the country fought harder than ever before until we had made him our president.

Had the establishment elites been smarter, or less arrogant, they would have seen the writing on the walls, and perhaps changed their tune a bit, but they did not.

Instead of honoring the will of the people, they have fought against the president we chose, all while continuing their inept operating procedures and living their entitled and luxurious lifestyles, which they were unwilling to give up.

Though the “ruling class” should have seen this coming, they did not, and their continued behavior further showcased the fact that they are not interested in listening to the average American; but now the people have realized that we can replace all of them, which is exactly what is happening before our very eyes.

Kid Rock, popular musician who rose to prominence in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, has always been a man of the people as well.

Rock, who’s real name is Robert Ritchie, has a long history of staying true to his roots and loyalty to his friends, and embodies the definition of “home town hero,” something that strongly resonates with the majority of the country.

Like President Trump, Kid Rock is rough around the edges, and doesn’t mince words or hold back when it comes to speaking his mind, and he’s loved for it.

Recently, Rock has announced his candidacy for a Senate run in his home state of Michigan, running against a lame-duck and largely ineffective Democrat incumbent, Debbie Stabenow.

He’s already up at least 4 points on Stabenow in a mockup election, and has caused the Democrats a good bit of fear as they realize that political outsiders are far more popular with the public now than ever before.

Kid Rock is not the only celebrity who’s considering a career in politics. The rise of President Donald Trump has paved the way for other outsiders to take the place of the establishment elites, and it is a good thing.

Who’s to say that any of these candidates couldn’t or wouldn’t do a better job than the political establishment has done? At least they seem to care more about the lives of every day people than the ruling elites do, and in doing so, must hold themselves to their word, unlike the career politicians of DC, who have become expected to lie and fail to accomplish what we want.

The establishment elites have been given a “pass” by American voters, because we have grown so accustomed to their lying, cheating, pandering, and ineptitude, that we let them get away with it for generations.

In contrast, this new batch of potential politicians, regardless of where they fall on the left/right spectrum, know that much more is expected of them, and will undoubtedly try to do more for America than the DC “fat cats” and insiders ever did.

Imran Awan and Wasserman Schultz Scandal Looking Worse and Worse

For the past seven months, going back even further to the results of the election, Democrats have been beating the war drum against President Trump.

They’ve come together in formation, and have fought him relentlessly and in complete unison, doing their best to undermine everything he’s attempted to do for America.

The left has been on the offensive, and they’ve used lies, slander, and character assassination in their efforts to portray Trump as some kind of criminal, but now, Republicans have a chance to put the Democrats on the defensive.

Not only has the Democratic Party been thoroughly linked to a sordid collusion with the Ukraine, a tale which could pass for a spy novel, and involves DNC operatives working with foreign influences and even a convicted terrorist, all in a desperate ploy to steal the 2016 election for Hillary, but there’s even more; the DNC’s shocking relationship with the Pakistani-born Awan family.

Democrats are not known for making the best choices when it comes to candidates or staff, ask Hillary Clinton and her horde of tainted cronies, but when they chose the Awan “gang” to be their IT support crew, they outdid themselves.

Lead by Imran Awan, and consisting of his brothers, his wife, and his best friend, the seemingly-innocent group of “computer nerds” managed to embroil the Democratic Party into a scandal that may just be their undoing.

As more and more damning information comes to light, the picture of the depth of the DNC corruption is becoming more clear, and it does not look good for the Democrats.

Imran Awan has worked with the Democratic Party for years, and has a long history with the now-disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz, having worked for her since 2004.

Awan is said to have made more than $4 million dollars in the past decade alone working for the Democrats, and seems to have been “protected” by Schultz for quite a while.

Over the past six months or so, Awan became the target of at least one serious investigation, and had multiple computers and other technical devices seized by federal agents.

Some of these devices, including laptops and iPads, belonged to high-ranking Democrat officials, including Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself, and almost certainly contained classified information.

Awan and his brothers also had access to passwords and networks used by the DNC, and apparently were privy to unbelievable amounts of secrets and other classified intel.

Schultz went so far as to make a very serious and ominous threat to a law enforcement official who was in possession of a laptop which had been seized from Awan as evidence, one that has been said to belong to her, but her threatening a police officer to defend her IT support staff member is more than a little strange.

As the investigation into the Awan crew got more intense, apparently he saw the writing on the wall, and began to withdraw large sums of money, which he wired to Pakistan.

In May, his wife was caught fleeing the country with $12k in cash, which was seized, but she was allowed to leave American and enter Pakistan anyway.

According to certain court documents, the Awan family members are considered VIPs in Pakistan, and are routinely given a police escort when traveling around the country, one of many odd red flags that has come to light.

In fact, other sources have alleged that the Awan brothers have direct ties to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, and Imran has also been linked to at least one Hezbollah operative already.

All of this begs the question: what exactly were these guys doing with the information they had access to, and were they helping terrorists and foreign governments by spying on the United States?

Given the large sums of money Imran and his brothers made in just a short amount of time, having made upwards of $ 4 million dollars, with the average IT support leader earning no more than $100k yearly, the question has also been raised as to whether the Awan crew was blackmailing the DNC?
Awan has a history of making threats to get what he wants, even against family members.

Imran’s brother’s stepmother has alleged that he threatened to have her family arrested in Pakistan, and he also threatened a United States veteran who rented a home of his, after the veteran turned over a cache of routers, laptops, and hard drives “that looked like they tried to destroy” which Awan had left at the residence before renting it.

The culmination, or at least thus far, of these events occurred on Tuesday night, on July 25th of 2016, when federal agents arrested Imran Awan at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, as he tried to board a flight headed to Pakistan.

He has initially been charged with one count of bank fraud, stemming from a $165K home equity loan on a rental property, which he transferred to Pakistan as well.

Awan has pleaded not guilty, and was released on what a DOJ spokesman described as a “high-intensity supervision program” which requires him to wear a GPS monitor, adhere to a curfew, and keeps him unable to flee the country.

Who knows what exactly will come from Awan now, as it becomes more and more obvious that he is sitting on a treasure trove of ill-gotten information, and could be the final nail in the DNC coffin, should he choose to cooperate with authorities.

Enemies of the Democratic Party, as well as liabilities, do have a tendency to meet with questionable and untimely deaths, so Imran is almost certainly living in fear.

Right now, as the Democrats work around the clock to destroy President Trump, his administration, and even his family, the capture of Imran Awan and the knowledge he possibly holds could be exactly what Republicans need to turn the tables on the relentless onslaught by the left.

With the DNC already having been tied to an egregious collusion with a foreign power, this new evidence of corruption, spying, mishandling of classified information, fraud, and possible blackmail, could be instrumental in forcing the Democrats to back off President Trump.

The Democratic Party has been so brazen, arrogant, and sloppy in their operations for so long, it is not outside of the realm of possibility to think that they may have overplayed their hand, especially after their substance-less attacks on President Trump, and Imran Awan could be the card that leads to their undoing.

Why Trump Banned Transgendered Individuals from the Military

On Wednesday, July 26, President Trump took the initial steps in reversing a wildly unpopular and highly detrimental policy, one which came from Obama, and had gravely harmed our military.

President Trump used Twitter, as he so masterfully does, to make the announcement that transgendered individuals would no longer be allowed in the armed forces, a decision that had soldiers cheering.

It isn’t about discrimination, or homophobia; to our men and women in uniform, it’s more than that.

There is a certain mindset in the military, one which has been under assault from the left for decades, but was especially prominent after former President Obama pushed his transgender agenda upon our fighting forces.

The thing is, allowing individuals into the military who are conflicted in such a way that they literally do not feel at home in their own body is detrimental to every man and woman who has bravely put everything aside to fight for our freedom.

In a combat zone, you have to be able to rely on the people around you to be focused under extreme duress, and people who are transgendered simply do not meet these criteria for a number of reasons.

Transgendered individuals are undoubtedly more prone to depression and other distracting mental disorders, and require hormone treatments and other medical “necessities” which have no place on the battlefield.

This alone puts other soldiers at risk, and it is completely unfair to them to be placed in a more dangerous situation due to the “feelings” of an extremely small percentage of the population.

The effect on morale is another big factor, which ties directly into the safety of every soldier who’s serving with these “special needs” people, and again, is not fair.

It’s not as if transgendered people are the only ones who are medically disqualified from military service; people with a variety of ailments, including asthma, flat feet, epilepsy, vision problems, diabetes, and many more, are not allowed to serve either.

This is not singling anyone out for discrimination, but rather, defining a problem and adding to a list of people who just are not able to meet the specific requirements for service.

Another very important factor in this decision is the cost, which sounds cold, but it is extremely relevant in today’s world.

When looking at the numbers, it’s hard to discern what is an accurate estimate, as the left has radically inflated the actual amount of transgendered military personnel in order to suit their agenda.

Around 1% of the military population identifies as transgender, which the left estimates at around 15,000 people.

With gender reassignment surgeries costing upwards of $100K, this is well over $1 billion dollars which would be spent on unnecessary medical procedures, and is a complete affront to the FIFTY THOUSAND homeless veterans we have in America today.

Our soldiers are already forced to endure massive budget cuts, and have had to purchase their own body armor, boots, and other necessities.

There have been so many preventable deaths of military pilots due to the lack of maintenance on our aircraft, many of which have parts that have been salvaged from airplane “grave yards” and have cost the lives of dozens of Americans already.

It is absolutely unfathomable to even consider paying billions of dollars for gender reassignment surgery while our troops scrape by with inadequate equipment, vehicles, and aircraft, and while our veterans are so badly ignored once they come home.

The military is not a social experiment, no matter how much the left wants to make it into such.

Part of the success of any military is the ability of the soldier to put aside ego, personal feelings, and identity, and be able to conform to the uniformed guidelines and expectations; selflessness in its most pure form.

The left is simply unable to accept that, because they lack some moral fiber that allows them to, and have become the antithesis of selflessness.
In fact, the left embodies hedonism, self-worship, instant gratification, and selfishness.

None of these qualities makes a good soldier, something that basic training is designed to break down, eliminate, and allow the individual soldier to be “built up” into a greater person than they ever thought possible.

President Trump made the right decision, and make no mistake, it will save lives.

Money that would have been needlessly squandered on surgeries and “sensitivity training” will be able to go towards getting our servicemen and women proper equipment while they’re deployed, and taking care of them when they come home.

The left will desperately try to spin this to portray our president as uncaring or cruel, but this couldn’t be more untrue; what Trump did was a positive thing which was absolutely necessary to revitalizing and strengthening our badly damaged military.

Despite what the lying media shows, which is completely biased and outright propaganda, our soldiers and veterans are thanking him for what he did, and the rest of America should be too.

Inside Chuck Grassley’s Crusade to Hold Hillary Accountable

As Democrats, the lying media, anti-Trump “Republicans,” and a host of other lunatics continue to obsess over the ridiculous and now-debunked myth of President Trump somehow colluding with Russia to rig the 2016 president elections, scores of Americans are feeling outraged over the fact that everyone is completely ignoring Hillary Clinton and her cronies’ blatant criminal behavior, including foreign collusion of their own.

There’s really no denying that “the powers that be” are waging an all out war on President Trump, which is certainly infuriating on its own, but watching them shield Hillary Clinton and her corrupt cohorts is like rubbing salt in the wound. Thankfully, one brave Senator is breaking from the pack and leading the charge against the real criminal politicians.

Senator Chuck Grassley has recently spearheaded an effort to turn the tables on this witch hunt against President Trump, which he’s doing by exposing and investigating the DNC’s PROVEN collusion with the Ukraine, in their attempt to help Hillary while undermining and destroying Donald Trump.

To be very specific, one DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa, who was also a former Clinton White House staffer, and is at the center of the Ukraine collusion scandal, has been tied directly to a convicted terrorist and suspected murderer with numerous Ukrainian ties.

Brett Kimberlin is best known as the “Speedway Bomber,” after he was convicted in the early 1980’s for detonating several bombs near Indianapolis, which police believe was in effort to cover up the murder of his former girlfriend.

After serving 17 years in prison, Kimberlin got into politics, and eventually came to have many business dealings with the Ukraine, as well as a Ukrainian wife, who claims Kimberlin seduced her at the age of 14.

Chalupa used Kimberlin as a go-between in her shady dealings with the Ukraine, while she and other DNC operatives colluded in an attempt to find “dirt” on Donald Trump, and to throw the election in Hillary’s favor.

Grassley certainly will face an unbelievable amount of resistance and backlash from both Democrats and GOP establishment Republicans, as it is in their best interests to protect Hillary Clinton. After all, she’s part of their elite “club” and if she is held liable for her crimes, the chances of their own criminal actions will come to light as well.

Despite the risk, Senator Grassley has written to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and questioned him on investigating the DNC’s collusion with the Ukraine, and has gotten the ball rolling in terms of both protecting the president from the false allegations against him, as well as putting the screws to the corrupt Democratic Party.

Grassley’s efforts come at a good time, as the DNC has already been rocked by scandal after scandal, and has recently taken a huge blow as their shady Pakistani-born IT support crew, lead by Imran Awan, comes under investigation for a litany of criminal behavior of their own, including bank fraud and the mishandling of classified information.

Awan, who was arrested Tuesday night while trying to flee the country for Pakistan, had several smashed computers confiscated from his house in the last few days by federal law enforcement. These computers belonged to the disgraced and thoroughly corrupted former DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, herself a very close friend of Hillary Clinton.

All in all, the tide seems to be turning for Democrats, who have spent the last seven months “crying wolf” about President Trump, and now are being faced with the hard evidence of their own very real criminal actions.

With Chuck Grassley leading the charge, Republicans finally have a shot at putting the crooked and hateful Democrats on the defensive.

Perhaps this is the chance Republicans needed to finally shut the Russia-obsessed Democratic Party up, and to protect our president from their onslaught of lies and attacks?

Bitter GOP Traitors Siding With Obamacare Over the American Voters

Perhaps the most enduring piece of former President Barack Obama’s precious legacy is his healthcare plan, the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA in its abbreviated form, which has become known as “ObamaCare” by both Republicans and Democrats- this plan has been both loved and hated by many, and has been something of a “white whale” for the GOP since its inception.

For seven years, GOP Republicans talked about repealing and replacing ObamaCare, a goal which became  a mantra for them, and during the Obama Presidency, it seemed as if that day would never actually come.

Republicans even tried to repeal ObamaCare once before, in 2015, but were thwarted by Obama when he vetoed their bill.

Donald Trump often mentioned the failed healthcare policy during his campaign, and promised to repeal and replace it, thereby lifting the brutal and oppressive weight which Obamacare put on so many Americans, and sure enough, President Trump stayed true to his word by quickly getting started on doing just that.

Strangely, however, under President Trump, many GOP Republicans who once chomped at the bit to rid America of Obama’s ACA suddenly got cold feet.

These Senate Republicans who balked at Trump’s attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare barely tried to explain their mysterious change of heart, and after spending seven years and failing to accomplish their once heralded task, offered little to no excuses as to why they no longer seemed interested in dismantling ACA.

To their credit, at least they didn’t try to insult the American people TOO badly by lying, as we all know that their motives were simply spite for President Trump, the political outsider whose very Presidency itself poses a massive threat to their entitled, elitist lifestyle.

Simply put, these GOP establishment elites would rather see Americans suffer under ObamaCare than to see President Trump succeed; they’ve already done everything they can to undermine him on every decision he has made, and people are acutely aware of the fact that their disdain for our president is the driving force behind the Senate’s failure to adopt Trump’s healthcare plan.

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Senate Republicans were able to barely pass their procedural vote, bringing their attempt to repeal ObamaCare back to life, with the help of Vice President Pence who cast the tie-breaking vote, although the bill still has a long way to go.

Facing complete opposition from the Democrats, and two traitorous “Republicans” in Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the Republicans barely managed to keep their bill alive, and it will face stiff opposition and many more trials before anything is accomplished.

This should prove to all Americans that so many of our representatives are not, in fact, concerned for us at all, but are far more interested in playing political “reindeer games” and have no desire to make any real changes.

These traitorous faux-Republicans talked a big game for seven years, but refused to do a thing when they had their chance, and all of this political chicanery should serve as a wakeup call for American voters: if we want to make any progress at all, and start the healing process that our country so desperately needs after eight crippling years of Obama’s dismal and harmful policies, we MUST vote out the establishment elites who don’t have our best interest at heart, and replace them with committed and honest representatives.

This is What the Latest White House Shake Up Means

With the recent resignation of Sean Spicer, along with the continued drama between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s becoming clear to anyone watching that something is going on the White House, but most people aren’t sure exactly what that something is.

Other recent events, which were less talked about, work to shed some light on what is going on in the Trump administration, and why President Trump is indeed doing the right thing under the circumstances.

The hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, who was appointed on Friday to be the White House communications director, Scaramucci’s immediate firing of suspected White House leaker Michael Short, as well as the promotion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, are all indicative of President Trump’s desire to bring in “outsiders” who aren’t deeply embedded with establishment elites, and that is extremely telling.

The fact is, Scaramucci and Huckabee are outsiders, like President Trump, whereas the recently-resigned Spicer, the leaker Michael Short, and the soon-to-be dismissed Jeff Sessions are political insiders; these people are more tied to the establishment elites than they are concerned with Trump’s “America First” agenda, and he’s right to get them out of his circle.

Take Michael Short and Sean Spicer, both have direct ties to Reince Priebus, who is the very embodiment of entitled, elitist, establishment politics: they were his cronies, and they clearly disagreed with President Trump.

Short, who was fired by Scaramucci, had previously quit the Trump campaign, but later came back (much to the anger of loyal Trump administration workers) to work directly under Reince Priebus, and Sean Spicer was implicitly in Reince’s corner as well- there is no doubt that President Trump realized these two did not have his or the country’s best interests in mind, and they needed to go before they caused any more damage.

Sessions is also problematic as well, because he’s had an extremely long career as a politician, and is unquestionably linked to the very same establishment elites that drove us to elect an outsider like Donald Trump.

As the US Attorney General, Sessions should have never recused himself in the Russian investigation, which only served to show weakness to the forces who are determined to destroy President Trump; his refusal to go after criminal politicians like Hillary Clinton, Lynch, and the rest of “the club” was likely the last straw for Trump, and showed him all he needed to see.

As it is, President Trump did his best to work WITH the political establishment elite, and though he extended his hand to them in order to work together, they refused to take it.

The elites are not interested in working with an outsider, and they are furious that the American people are trying to regain control of our country and our lives; they truly believe themselves to be our superiors, and have the audacity to feel ENTITLED to rule over us as if they were royalty.

Yes, the recent shakeups in the Trump White House don’t look good at first glance, but they are absolutely necessary for the advancement of our cause- we will never be able to Make America Great Again if our president is surrounded and stifled by “swamp creatures.”

As the old saying goes, “Clean up your own backyard before your neighbor’s,” and that is exactly what President Trump is doing: in his efforts to “drain the swamp” which Washington D.C. has become, he knows he needs to start with the GOP “Republican” establishment first, before going after the Democrats, and that is most certainly the right thing to do.

This is How Democrats Have Weaponized Fake News

By now, most Americans are acutely aware of the fact that the mainstream media, even media outlets geared towards conservatives, have been actively pushing and reporting “fake news,” but the term has been thrown around so often lately that it’s often seen as more of a joke than the serious threat that it really is.

The term “fake news” has been around for a long time, but was widely introduced to most people after President Trump used it to describe the biased and agenda-driven tactics of the American mainstream media, who had been entrenched in an ongoing and relentless smear campaign against him.

Since being mentioned by President Trump, the concept which was initially met with a degree of mockery and eye rolling, has now become synonymous with the mainstream media, particularly the network CNN, after repeated examples of their fraudulent reporting and outright lying has come to light.

The media’s involvement in lying to the public isn’t a new thing by any means, but never before in modern history has the mainstream media been so blatantly biased against the President of the United States, nor have they been so brazen in their insulting lies to the American people; in fact, despite knowing that the average American distrusts them, they’ve made absolutely no attempt to regain any credibility, and have continued to double down on their unbelievable lies.

The sad truth is that the media is a tool, and although it leans left traditionally, it is more of a tool of the establishment elites who rule the country using shadowy tactics and a false “left/right” paradigm that has worked for decades, and their job is simple: confuse the people, tell them what the elites WANT them to hear, and keep them in a state of brainwashed submission.

That tactic worked for quite a while, as people had gotten to the point of blind obedience, and never questioned what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or any other media networks told them to think- unfortunately for them, Donald Trump completely exposed them to the average American for the liars they truly are, and it’s been a downhill spiral ever since.

Despite being thoroughly exposed as the propagandists they are, the mainstream media had no intentions of stopping, and fully embraced their role, swearing vengeance on President Trump, and have relentlessly attacked him nonstop since before the results of the election were even in.

In fact, the media has become so desperate and pathetic, they’re not even able to come up with believable propaganda and lies, and have instead relied on a debunked “Russian collusion” narrative, which Americans do not believe or even care about, in their efforts to portray President Trump as a foreign enemy, a Kremlin-puppet, and a usurper of the White House: thought their efforts have largely failed, they have managed to whip dejected Democrats and progressive liberals into an absolute conspiracy theory-driven frenzy, and with dangerous results.

Herein lies the real problem, which is far more sinister and dangerous than most have fully realized: the media has used fake news to actually urge and encourage violence against President Trump and his supporters, and their divisive and violent rhetoric has been behind numerous attacks on conservatives, including the politically motivated shooting of Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise.

Fake news is not just annoying or subversive, it’s extremely dangerous, having lead to violence already, but although the media is acutely aware of this, they continue to use the tactic; clearly they are actively trying to achieve their desires of “removing” President Trump by any means necessary, and at this point, it is obvious that they would love nothing more than to actually get our America First president assassinated.

This goes far beyond a liberal bias, or spite, and it’s not about “whose candidate won or lost,” it’s about the entirety of the “free” press in America actively engaging in a blatant attempt to dispose of the President of the United States by using lies and psychological tricks in order to turn people against him, or even have him killed.

Subtle things, like superimposing a Russian flag behind President Trump or his family, is all carefully thought out and designed to influence the hordes of unhinged liberals who are already extremely mentally disturbed, in hopes that one of them will “resist” a little more than the rest, and end up taking a page from John Wilkes Booth.